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    Furniture - (751 companies)
    Furniture consists of seating, tables, and cabinets that can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. Office furniture and industrial furniture are used in many business and commercial applications. Typically furniture is chosen for its...
  • Workbenches and Workstations (Industrial)-Image
    Workbenches and Workstations (Industrial) - (655 companies)
    Industrial workbenches and industrial workstations are locations where personnel perform work. Products range from economy workbenches to cleanroom and electronic assembly benches. Industrial workbenches and industrial workstations are locations...
  • Computer-aided Design and Computer-aided Manufacturing Software (CAD/CAM)-Image
    Computer-aided Design and Computer-aided Manufacturing Software (CAD/CAM) - (701 companies)
    ...for the processes of design and manufacture to be highly integrated. Computer-aided design and manufacturing systems are commonly referred to as CAD/CAM. Typically, CAD software and CAM software runs on mainframe computers, general-purpose workstations, and personal...
  • Imaging Workstations-Image
    Imaging Workstations - (255 companies)
    Imaging workstations are vision systems used for metrology or image analysis in laboratory and cleanroom settings. Imaging workstations are vision systems with integrated camera, image capture, processing, storage, analysis and control systems...
    Computer Workstations - (61 companies)
    Computer Workstations are desks, benches or racks that are specifically used to hold a computer. Computer Workstations are desks, benches, or racks that are specifically used to hold a computer. They are commonly found in office spaces, residential...
    Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Services - (1430 companies)
    Computer-aided design (CAD) services assist in the computerized design, three-dimensional (3D) modeling, and printing and drafting of engineering components and assemblies. Computer-aided (CAD) services include specialized programs that help...
    Cabinets and Casework - (648 companies)
    Cabinets and casework includes cabinets and casework for various uses and applications. They are made of wood, plastic, steel, aluminum or composite materials.
    Seating - (224 companies)
    Seating includes furniture upon which people sit and materials that are used to cover or upholster seats. There are many different types of products. Choices include educational and auditorium seating; pedestal seating; bleacher and stadium seating...
    PCB Design and Layout Services - (601 companies)
    PCB design and layout services providers generate schematics and CAD files for printed circuit boards. PCB design and layout services generate schematics and computer aided design (CAD) files for printed circuit boards (PCBs). They produce...
    Computers - (1672 companies)
    Computer-aided design (CAD). Device networking. Data acquisition and analysis. Computer-integrated manufacturing. The image below shows a screenshot of a welding software program, an example of an industrial computing application. Engineers can use...

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  • Gordon Russell Decks Out High-Profile Boardrooms With Furniture Designed In SolidWorks
    Concord, CA - Gordon Russell, whose boardroom tables, executive desks, and system workstations grace the offices of companies like Deloitte, British Petroleum, and Fidelity, uses SolidWorks 3D CAD software to design the custom furniture its high-profile customers demand.
  • Adding agility to CAD: Integrating product data management tools into an organization
    Current practice for many furniture companies is to create the bills of materials and process sheets for individual parts on MRP systems on mainframes or minicomputers while the CAD drawings are produced on PCs or work- stations .
  • A Performance Profile Approach to Measuring Overall Facility Management (FM) Performance
    Costs, including equipment (e.g., CAD , CAFM1); moving (e.g., a typical workstation or department); operating (e.g., energy, rates, rents); renovation (e.g., sq. ft. costs for a standard workstation, computer room); furniture , staffing, andpremises.
  • Computer Usage and Attitudes toward Computers in the Interior Design Field
    Later, furniture manufac- turers developed CAD systems. .... Westinghouse’s office planning package with stored workstations and automatic specification-writing is the forerunner for many of…
  • Surface creation and segmentation for 3D point clouds of an urban environment
    surfaces without any acceptable geometric description This technique is similar to a photogrammetric workstation or CAD software, but with the advantage of automatic extraction of surfaces, boundaries, and primitive estimation. .... neighbourhood and identify objects to the level of letter boxes, parked cars, street furniture , etc., all in…
  • Product highlights [index of advertisers and products]
    …and interface, the Autographix hardware and software required to run the unit, the furniture to house it .... IBM 5080-compatible, with local 3D ability and utilizing color-raster and vector display technologies, these workstations support CADAM, CATIA, CAEDS, IPC, CBDS 2, NCAD, SynthaVision, CGS, and other CAD /CAM software packages.
  • Applying information technology to commercial office building operations : new tools and techniques
    By combining the workstation power of the system and the building information database, the asset management team .... For example, the CAD intelligence of the system can allow the tenant to plan their space better .... Tracking computer networks, furniture , equipment and personnel is a service that many tenants now obtain from outside…
  • Ergonomics and Health Aspects of Work with Computers
    …corporation whose offices con- sisted of multiple buildings, fairly similar in environmental design, workstation size, and workspace. .... There were differences, however, with regard to furniture and the computer tasks. .... A few employees worked in design and used Computer Aided De- sign ( CAD ) computer equipment.
  • Delay spread and received power measurements within a building at 2 GHz, 5 GHz and 17 GHz
    …were a medium size office referred to henceforth as Room A, the large CAD laboratory referred to .... The furniture within Room A comprises several desks, wooden bookshelves and a single metal filing cabinet located .... computer workstations , hardboard partitions, several metal filing cabinets and a large set of metal bookshelves.
  • New Products
    Paragon Technology options include modem, paper-tape punch, mouse, tablet, Model P-20 photoplotter and penplotter, schematic soft- ware, line printer, digitizing table, uninterrupt- ible power source, and workstation furniture . .... CAD /CAM system adds color option .