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  • Software - How CAD/CAM Is Making a Programmer's Job Easier - 01/06
    Leading software manufacturers and suppliers reveal how moldmakers can maximize efficiencies using the latest CAD/CAM equipment so they can program and cut complex molds in less time than ever before. How to Exceed the Limits of Your Toolpaths A moldmaker 's ability to reduce machining time
  • Metal Bernard Group and SigmaNEST Success Story
    When Louis Veilleux and Mario Ferland purchased Metal Bernard, the CAD/CAM nesting software already included SigmaNEST. When another facility was added they wanted common, flexible nesting software to drive all current and future fabrication machinery. Louis and Mario already had their answer.
  • 2002 Grand Am -Surprise
    The only thing I knew about the Grand Am was what I had seen in Pontiac's often-aired TV commercials where a group of twenty-somethings are tossed the keys to one for a week, much to their delight. But when I found out the car's base engine was a four cylinder, I figured these "fun-to-drive " spots
  • 2008 Cadillac CTS V6 DI
    , a tree native to tropical Africa) trim, LED ambient lighting, and an infotainment system with popup navigation screen and 40-Gbyte hard drive. The sedan 's 3.6-liter twin-cam 24-valve V6 comes in a port-injected,
  • Belts and Pulleys Glossary
    of a larger circle. A cycloidal drive replaces conventional gears with an eccentric internal cam which takes a cycloidal path inside a fixed housing; the result is a reduction in speed. Denier: A measure of weight of a reinforcing cord equal to grams per 9000 meters Durometer: A common measure
  • Trends In Aerospace Machining
    Tip-entry machining of blisks can be practical for shorter blades. Machining blades in a single operation improves efficiency and reduces head movements and chance of collisions. KENNETH J. KORANE Managing Editor Advanced-manufacturing techniques and CAM software will expedite the production
  • Computer Power User Article - What's Happening
    With an 802.11g server attached, Creative's latest Web cam is good to go anywhere in your house. Want to create a network of security cams for monitoring your home anywhere, anytime? Vendors like to trot out this dream of ultimate, personal homeland security every few years, but earlier generations
  • Case Study - Software Facilitates Art-to-Part Capabilities - 09/06
    Trends in NC Programming For Moldmakers Twelve NC programming/CAM trends to help drive mold manufacturing. CAD Interoperability: Its Bottom Line Costs to Mold Design and Manufacturing An industry survey reveals some real data on how CAD interoperability is affecting mold shops. Serving the Big

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