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  • Advantages Of Wireless Surveillance Camera In The Home And Business
    Nowadays wireless video surveillance camera is in huge demand. People prefer wireless camera because of its best picture quality, inexpensive and easy installation. With its smart RF technology, the wireless camera will adjust the intensity of camera lens giving more clarity to the picture
  • Step Motor Automates Innovative Camera
    but a continuous image on a single 66-in. roll of film. Trying the idea out by taking some photos of race cars, Graves first shot the entire roll of film with the lens covered so that no light hit the film. He then aimed his camera at a car, opened the shutter, and manually rewound the film back through
  • 3D Camera Exploits Motion-Control Technologies
    are each controlled by two pairs of axes. A motor in the pair feeds film to the camera while another reels it in. The remaining four axes control motors for the camera shutters, focus, iris, and lens convergence. Power to the motors comes from Galil's four-axis AMP-20540 500-W and AMP-20440 200-W
  • Biggest 'Zoom Lens' in Space Takes Hubble Deeper into the Universe
    The Advanced Camera for Surveys aboard NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has used a natural "zoom lens " in space to boost its view of the distant universe. Besides offering an unprecedented and dramatic new view of the cosmos, the results promise to shed light on galaxy evolution and dark matter
  • Lens Distortion Correction and Registration of Visible and Thermal Infrared Imagery
    It is a good idea to take both visible and thermal IR images. Geometric resolution is unbalanced, and each image is sensitive to a different range of the electromagnetic spectrum. To acquire a visible image of a target with a thermal camera, you need to determine or describe the appearance
  • Biggest 'Zoom Lens' in Space Takes Hubble Deeper into the Universe
    A selection of cropped images from a NASA Hubble Space Telescope Advanced Camera for Surveys view of one of the most massive galaxy clusters known, called Abell 1689. These close-ups show "lensed " images of background galaxies that have been brightened and smeared by the gravitational bending
  • Hubble Discovers New Class of Gravitational Lens for Probing the Structure of the Cosmos
    , abundance of supermassive black holes, and even determining if the universe will expand forever or eventually collapse. The two gravitational lenses were discovered in about 100 fields of sky imaged by Hubble's Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 (WFPC 2). Because the combined area surveyed is about
  • Micro moves
    Motors that can precisely position loads with micrometer-scale accuracy are now inexpensive enough for consumer electronics. The Squiggle motor can power tiny movable lens assemblies for auto focus and optical zoom in cell-phone cameras. Here, the motor must be integrated with a lens

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