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  • Measuring Transformer Distributed Capacitance
    in evaluating / measuring Cd. Capacitance in a transformer winding cannot be avoided. The voltage difference between turns, between winding layers and between windings to core create these parasitic elements. In general, part of the designers' task is to keep capacitance to a minimum. On rare occasions
  • Accurate Scalable Capacitance/Current-Voltage Based Lookup-Table Diode Model
    bias range. Instead of charge model in conventional. Root diode model, capacitance as function of voltage is used.
    of voltage. bias can have on these same dielectrics. This application note reviews the basics for both Temperature. and Voltage Coefficient of Capacitance as it relates to common dielectric material types used for high. voltage ceramic capacitor designs.
  • Resistance and Capacitance Meter Using a PIC 16C622
    The PIC16C62X devices create a new branch in Microchip?s PIC16CXXX 8-bit microcontroller family by incorporating two analog comparators and a variable voltage reference on-chip. The comparators feature programmable input multiplexing from device inputs and an internal voltage reference
  • AN-0300 - High Voltage Op-Amp Application Using Opto-Couplers
    Using a pair of these optocouplers in a push-pull configuration an amplifier may be constructed having a high DC loop gain and a. bandwidth constrained primarily by the capacitance and current of the load. Referring to the below circuit diagram, the amplifier structure is similar to a. common
  • MICRO: 'Round the Circuit
    Claiming a potential breakthrough in nanoscience, researchers for NIST and Hewlett-Packard say they have measured the capacitance-voltage of a molecular device. The joint development represents a closer step toward a reliable method for measuring the electrical behavior of the devices. Taken
  • MICRO: Critical Material-Wafers
    been using mercury-probe or capacitance-to-voltage Schottky (HgCV) techniques to measure the resistivity of wafers sampled from production runs. While these methods adequately measure a wafer's resistivity profile (resistivity as a function of depth into the silicon), any measured wafer must
  • RF Power Insensitive Varactors
    In this letter, the in?uence of the RF voltage swing on the effective capacitance of continuously tunable capacitive devices, e.g., varactors, is investigated. Using Volterra series, equations are derived that describe the change in effective capacitance versus RF voltage, which are in agreement

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