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  • Bridge Conditioners-Image
    Bridge Conditioners - (102 companies)
    Bridge conditioners are instruments that provide excitation and support for strain gages, Wheatstone bridges, load cells, and sensors. They also include circuitry for signal conditioning, amplification, and processing. Bridge conditioners provide...
    Analog Input Channels
    Differential Channels
  • Strain Gauges-Image
    Strain Gauges - (118 companies)
    ...such a material is stretched, the conductors become longer and narrower, which causes an increase in resistance. A Wheatstone bridge then converts this change in resistance to an absolute voltage. The resulting value is linearly related to strain by a constant...
  • Decade Boxes and Dividers-Image
    Decade Boxes and Dividers - (54 companies)
    ...such as a variable capacitor or potentiometer. Devices are also available with a computer interface option for programming, control, or data acquisition. Related Information. CR4 Community --Decade Resistance Box Used for...?. Electronics360 --The Wheatstone...
  • Instrumentation Amplifiers-Image
    Instrumentation Amplifiers - (148 companies)
    Instrumentation amplifiers are differential amplifiers that have been optimized for use with DC signals. They are characterized by high gain, high common mode rejection ratio (CMRR), and high input impedance.
  • Electronic Bridges-Image
    Electronic Bridges - (41 companies)
    ...parameters like: inductance. capacitance. admittance. conductance. impedance. Types. There are many types of electronic bridges. Examples include a Wheatstone circuit bridge, an H circuit bridge, and a network bridge. Wheatstone circuit bridges...
    Capacitors - (1197 companies)
    Capacitors are electronic components used for storing charge and energy. In their simplest form, capacitors consist of two conducting plates separated by an insulating material called the dielectric. Capacitors are passive electronic components...
    Pressure Sensors - (1085 companies)
    ...gauges (strain-sensitive variable resistors) are bonded to parts of the structure that deform as the pressure changes. Four strain gages are typically used in series in a Wheatstone bridge circuit, which is used to make the measurement. When voltage...
    Network Bridges - (134 companies)
    How to Select Network Bridges. Image Credit: Patton Electronics Co. Network bridges connect network segments so that devices on both segments can communicate as if they were part of the same network. The centralize network administration...
    Ceramic Capacitors - (219 companies)
    Ceramic capacitors have a dielectric made of ceramic materials. Ceramic capacitors are passive electronic components constructed using a ceramic dielectric. Ceramic materials have been used as insulators since the beginning of the study...
    Chip Capacitors - (213 companies)
    Chip capacitors or surface mount capacitors do not have leads. Chip capacitors are passive integrated circuit (IC) components that store electrical energy. Chip capacitors are simply capacitors manufactured as integrated circuit (IC) devices, also...

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