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  • Advanced Materials Design and Mechanics II
    The Study of Three-Way Valve Handling Gripper Force Load of Cutting Tool by Turning of Nickel Alloy Inconel 718 with Sintered Carbide Insert .
  • Surface protection method and its use in the Werkstoff‐ and Tribo‐Technik
    Eat become also pure metals applied hard materials vonviegend (oxides, carbides ) (wieNickel, tungsten etc.). The insert of Spritzschichtendieser type has found a wide access in almost all branches of the industrial … So, gripper etc. with a hard Wol ~ on the ~ arbidschichtversehen become e.g. the reels …
  • An intelligent sensor fusion system for tool monitoring on a machining centre
    Gripper scheme of AE sensor on spindle. As carbide insert breakage takes a considerable time under normal cutting conditions, two experimental methods are used during the milling process: .
    I call them my poor man’s grippers . … larger features using a Manchester 2½"-dia. facemill tooled with polished, high-positive inserts and run at … Then a Data Flute ¾"-dia., high-helix, 2-flute carbide endmill run at 6,000 rpm …
  • Excavation of the ridracoli hydraulic tunnels using a double-shield TBM
    Some attempts to install external cutter inserts of tungsten carbide have been made in various tunnels; however, the results have not been satis- factory yet because the working conditions are such that the inserts are easily expelled. … strength of the rock was too low to provide adequate reaction to the grippers and thus exca …
  • ZTS25
    Applications: Forging die inserts , gripper dies for small forgings, brass forging dies, die casting dies for copper base alloys, extrusion molds, dummy blocks on extrusion presses, hot heading punches, hot swaging dies, hot shear blades, spike dies, hammer and headers. Carbide tipped tools should be ground to 4-7 deg. side rake, 8-12 deg. back rake …
  • Evaluation of the Potential For TBM Use In Future Norwegian Tunneling Projects
    All TBMs used at these projects are of the open ( gripper ) type. Each cutter had 3 or 4 rings, mostly of steel, but some also had tungsten carbide inserts depending on the rock conditions.
  • ZTS120
    Cutting Speeds Carbides Speed Steel 55-60 40-50 50-60 45-55 30-35 230-260 … Applications: Die casting dies and forging dies for brass, gripper and exrrusion dies, dummy blocks, piercers, punches, trimming dies, extrusion mandrels, forging die inserts .
  • ZTS290
    Applications: Forging-machine plungers and piercers, forging die inserts . hot nut tools, hot gripper and header dies. brass forging and pressing dies. aluminum die casting dies. hot-forging dies with deep impressions. and aluminum extrusion dies and press tooling. Cemented Carbide 240-280 200-230 .
  • ZTS31
    Heat treated stock of about 300 Brinell hardness can be machined with carbide tipped-tools at cutting … Die block inserts , lead and brass extrusion press cylinders, liners, rams, upsetter dies, heading dies for bolts and rivets, compression dies, hot trimmers, hot punches, hot coining dies, plungers, gripper dies, flying shears blades and heavy duty shear blades for cold material …