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  • Smart Computing Article - HyperTerminal
    you type in commands to connect your PC to and control a server on a network). For example, you can use HyperTerminal to access your local library card catalog. HyperTerminal lets you define connections to other computers through your modem, a direct cable connection, or a network
  • Smart Computing Article - Memory Burn
    Once you install the DVD burner, you need a way to connect your VCR to your computer so you can transfer video between it and your PC. You can install an internal video capture card in your computer or an external box with video inputs that connect to the PC via a USB 2.0 or FireWire connection
  • Smart Computing Article - Configure Your Notebook For Access On The Road
    With today s technology, we have more ways to connect to the Internet than ever before. You can connect via a wired connection at home, at the office, or at school. You can also surf the Web on your cellular phone or through a wireless card built into your laptop computer when a hotspot
  • Smart Computing Article - Going Mobile With Modems
    September 1999 Vol.7 Issue 9 Add To My Personal Library Surf The Web While You're On The Road Laptop computers aren't nearly as useful on the road if you can't connect to the office to send or retrieve files. That's where a modem comes in. These days, almost all laptops come with one preinstalled
  • Smart Computing Article - Windows 2000 Networking Wizards & Settings
    Windows 2000 Networking Wizards & Settings August 2006 Vol.10 Issue 5 Page(s) 87-89 in print issue Add To My Personal Library Windows 2000 Networking Wizards & Settings Go Ahead & Get Connected Almost every version of Windows includes a networking wizard to make it easier for users to connect
  • Medical Device Link .
    such as DNA, blood, and chromatography analyzers as well as oscilloscopes to PCs. A PCMCIA card available from the company can connect laboratory equipment to laptops that are not fitted with an RS-422/485 port. The manufacturer is a certified partner with Microsoft and develops its own core technologies
  • Smart Computing Article - Create, Record, & Listen
    applications, but many others support plug-ins that adjust and balance volume, such as Volume Logic ($19.95; I want to record my LPs to CDs, but when I connect my turntable to my sound card, I can't capture the audio. How can I fix this? Even if your turntable's output cables fit the input jacks on your
  • Computer Power User Article - SLI Unleashed
    flavor of SLI debuted with its Voodoo2 3D accelerator cards and used a passthrough VGA cable to connect the two cards to the monitor. A special 40-pin cable physically connected the two cards. Once the cards were connected, SLI technology allowed one card to render even-framed lines while the other card

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