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  • Cast Brass and Cast Bronze Valves
    Why cast brass or cast bronze valves are usually made heavier than forged ones.
  • Cast Nylon for Construction Applications
    As the nation rebuilds post-COVID, we 're helping the construction industry literally rebuild. Did you know cast nylon is a popular material for many construction building supplies and applications? The typical applications for cast nylon in construction and building are vast and growing each year
  • What is Nylon Cast Plastic?
    There 's a good chance that you come across or use nylon every day, whether you realize it or not. You can find it in many clothing options, vehicles, mechanical equipment, and more. This stout material has a long history of use and remains incredibly popular today. Nylon cast plastic, on the other
  • What Is Cast Acrylic? - Industries And Applications
    How Cast Acrylic is Made
  • eBook - Creating Internal Features in Investment Cast Parts
    When designing parts that will be investment cast it's very easy to make costly and/or program-delaying mistakes, especially when cores are involved. To avoid this, Impro recommends reading our eBook, "Creating Internal Features in Investment Cast Parts". If you are designing for investment casting
  • Quick Guide to Die Cast Surface Finish
    A preliminary guide for evaluation of die cast surface finishing. alternatives for product appearance, durability and protection. to aid in cost-effective specification of parts produced in. Aluminum, Magnesium & Zinc-and ZA-8-die casting alloys.
  • Top 5 Advantages of Using Cast Nylon
    There is no shortage of options when manufacturing parts. You can choose "traditional " materials like metal or rubber, but there is a more efficient solution that performs significantly better: Cast nylon. Resisting abrasion is a great feature for equipment parts that are constantly subjected
  • What's the Right Cast Nylon for my Project?
    Cast nylon plastic is widely used and highly versatile. At Nylatech, we have nine standard formulations of tubular bar, rod, disk, and plate cast nylon to meet any need: Nylatech Natural: This formulation is ideal for the food processing industry because it conforms to US F.D.A. 21CFR177.1500
  • Cast Nylon vs: Metal: Which is Better?
    Cast nylon and performance plastics are commonly the material of choice to replace traditionally metal parts in machinery and equipment. They have significant advantages over metal, which we 'll highlight for you in this article. Weight: In many applications, the weight of your finished equipment
  • Creating Internal Cavities in Sand Cast Parts
    and expensive. A better approach is to incorporate them into the part when it's cast, so reducing, even eliminating, machining operations. These cavities are created by cores placed in the sand mold. How these cores are made, held in place and removed is the subject of this blog.
  • Optimal Cast Iron Melt Controls with OES
    Approximately 20,000 foundries worldwide produce cast iron. The exact chemical composition of the alloy being manufactured needs to be checked throughout the melt process to ensure the quality of the finished product meets specification. OES technology is primed to deliver accurate and reliable
  • Finish Cast Parts Faster and Improve Productivity with Ceramic Abrasives
    are widely used in foundry cleaning rooms to remove gates, risers, flash, parting lines and other excess material that results from the casting process. These applications are necessary to bring the cast part into tolerance and make it suitable for its end use.
  • Working with a Manufacturer to Create Solution Cast Films (Part I)
    Precision, multi-layer solution coating processes are ideally suited for the manufacture of high-performance cast films, including polyurethane (PU) films. Solution casting a polymer dissolved in a solvent onto a temporary substrate has many advantages over the traditional extrusion of molten

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