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    Furniture - (751 companies)
    ...of seating, it is necessary to consider the purpose of the furniture. Seating purposes include: Conference room seating Individual desk chairs Reception chairs Other Construction materials for seating furniture include: Wood Aluminum Stainless steel...
  • Lumber and Engineered Wood-Image
    Lumber and Engineered Wood - (551 companies)
    Timber from hardwoods such as white oak, black cherry, and red birch is more expensive than lumber and engineered wood made from softwoods. Higher-grade hardwoods have attractive grains and can be processed into veneer or lumber for furniture...
    Seating - (224 companies)
    Seating includes furniture upon which people sit and materials that are used to cover or upholster seats. There are many different types of products. Choices include educational and auditorium seating; pedestal seating; bleacher and stadium seating...
  • Lumber and Sawmill Equipment-Image
    Lumber and Sawmill Equipment - (72 companies)
    ...and machines to transport, position, cut, and otherwise aid in converting logs into lumber or other processed wood. Sawmill Process. Sawmills are facilities that process logs into lumber. While modern mills are mostly automated, the fundamental sawmill process...
    Knife Mills and Shredders - (209 companies)
    ...waste such as extruder purgings, reject parts, and trim scraps for recycling and reclamation. Wood shredders are used in the size-reduction of wooden crates and pallets. Some products may also be used to shred or grind tree stumps, discarded furniture...
    Chisels - (92 companies)
    ...of beveled edged chisels are adequate for most jobs. However, precise blade edge, shape and size are essential to specialty crafts such as sculpting, carving, furniture making and turning wood on a lathe. These crafts take years to perfect and correct...
    Cabinets and Casework - (648 companies)
    Cabinets and casework includes cabinets and casework for various uses and applications. They are made of wood, plastic, steel, aluminum or composite materials. How to Select Cabinets and Casework. Cabinets and casework are storage units and storage...
    Plywood - (92 companies)
    Plywood is a type of board made from thin sheets of wood. The layers are glued together, each with its grain at right angles to adjacent layers for greater strength. Plywood is made from logs that are cut into blocks between 8 and 10 feet long...
    Carpentry and Framing Services - (207 companies)
    ...fixtures such as cabinetry. They may provide a variety of services or specialize in applications such as: wood structure framing. cabinet making. furniture making. trim carpentry. Carpentry and framing services are staffed by carpenters and framers...
    Mouldings - (260 companies)
    Mouldings are profile-cut lengths of wood, medium-density fiberboard, foam, or polyvinylchloride that are placed around openings such as windows and doors, or around ceilings and floors to give them a finished, decorative appearance. Moldings...

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  • Materials Engineering for Advanced Technologies (ICMEAT 2012)
    This paper is supported by 2012 National Nonprofit Special Scientific Research “Research of Catalpa Ovata Weight Improvement and the Key Manufactural Technics of Solid Wood Furniture ” .
  • Studies on Innovative Mode of Chinese Folk Traditional Furniture
    Hunan folk furniture , make more use of Jiang Hua Shan, tea Ling Song, camphor, Catalpa , Ash wood , cedar, bamboo and so on[6] ."Using local resources,making material the best use" is a principle of material-using for traditional folk furniture.
  • Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development
    The old ship-wood is an umbrella term which refers to all the wood of the old wooden ship including Ferreous mesua, Stone vertebral, Pontianak wood, and Catalpa wood etc., the texture of which becomes clear and hearty, the structure of which .... The old ship-wood furniture .
    CATALPA BTJNGEI Meyer. Bignoniaceae. .... The wood , which is strong, light, durable, and nonwarping, resembles walnut-to a large extent and is in much demand for fine furniture .
  • Contact Dermatitis
    …is also named Álamo, álamo blanco, algodón de monte, beach maho, bosch-katoen, catalpa , clamor, clemón, cork … is imperative, for serious diagnosis and exploration, that a solid sample of a wood believed to be … hypoleuca), or grenadil (Dalbergia melanoxylon Guill. and Perr.) are used for high-class furniture such as wooden…
    CATALPA BUNGEI Meyer. Bignoniacese. .... The soft, light wood is easily split when newly cut, but durable when thoroughly dried; it is used mostly for building purposes and for making furniture , carts, coffins, window sashes, and for carving.
    CATALPA BUNGEI Meyer. Bignoniacese. .... The wood , which is strong, light, durable, and nonwarping, resembles walnut to a large extent and is in much demand for fine furniture .
  • Trees in Patagonia
    Wood : For furniture , veneers, farming tools, con- struction; also as firewood. b. .... Catalpa bignonioides Walter Syn.: Catalpa catalpa (L.) Karst., Catalpa syringifo- lia Sims .
  • Cartons, Crates and Corrugated Board
    …with a smaller footprint (such as appliances) or a larger footprint (such as furniture and industrial machinery). .... requires a different mold for different sizes, it is relatively inexpensive for a wood pallet manufacturer to … Oak, California Black Oak, Cascara, Chinquapin, Myrtle, Madrone Red Alder Aspen (Bigtooth, Quaking), Catalpa , Buckeye, Butternut, American…
  • Toxic Woods
    Catalpa , Indian bean There seems to be nothing against this tree except White's (1887) second-hand information .... Toxic woods . .... Afrormosia (8f) In a furniture factory with an outbreak of dermatitis where afrormosia was being used, twenty…