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  • Catalytic Converter Design and Pressure Measurement
    The I-Scan force and pressure measurement system is a revolutionary product development and manufacturing process tool for catalytic converter designers and manufacturers. Tighter regulatory emission standards have forced manufacturers to design greater surface area into the catalyst to dilute
  • Your next catalytic converter: Cobalt
    A University of Delaware research team claims they have discovered a novel formulation for catalytic converters that eliminates the need for expensive noble metals. The novel formulation is designed for relatively new lean-burn engines. These engines are being road tested in several countries
  • Durable Catalytic Converter Mounting with Protective and Support Seals (.pdf)
    Advanced substrate design, efficient washcoat/catalyst formulation and robust packaging are critical elements to assure performance and durability of catalytic converters and diesal particulate filters. Radial seals, axial seals and L-seals made of. knitted wiremesh are used with conventional
  • Exhaust System Monitoring for Diesel Engines
    Incoming EPA regulations such as RICE NESHAP have made particulate emissions reduction important in the diesel engine industry. To help manufacturers achieve compliance, CAS DataLoggers has provided a dataTaker DT82I industrial data logger to monitor a new catalytic converter system for values
  • Exhaust System Reduces Auto Emissions, Boosts Engine Performance
    COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A new automobile exhaust system reduces pollution and boosts engine power at the same time. The single design takes the place of multiple parts in the standard auto exhaust assembly, including the manifold, muffler and catalytic converter. A study showed the new system increased
  • regulations in California that require warning lights in cars that alert drivers when the engine is misfiring. Other states are also looking at enacting similar legislation. Engine misfire can lead to the release of excess exhaust emissions into the environment and can damage the catalytic converter
  • Flare Gas Measurement and Recovery of Fuel Feed Gas with Residual Oxygen Calorimetry
    This paper describes a flameless gas calorimeter that measures CARI Index, Wobbe Index, calorific value, and specific gravity in a real-time basis. The flare or fuel feed gases are oxidized in a catalytic converter and the residual oxygen from the reaction is correlated to the measurement
  • U.S. Patents | January 2007 | A B T |
    . U.S. 7,131,320 (20061107), Method and device for artificially ageing a catalytic converter, Rolf Weinowski, Sascha Werner, and Christof Schernus, FEV Motorentechnik GmbH (DE). U.S. 7,131,641 (20061107), Pressing device for lithium batteries, Shih-Hsiung Weng and Kok-Aun Ong, Inventec

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