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  • Electron Multiplication CCDs Offer a Flexible Solution
    A recent advance in CCD technology is the introduction of electron multiplication or charge carrier multiplication CCDs. This technology is effective in applications requiring high light sensitivity, high spatial resolution and reasonably high frame rates at either short or long exposure times
  • Telescope Optics & Pixel Size
    These questions illustrate the three major issues of matching a telescope to a CCD camera: 1) sampling, 2) pixel sensitivity, and 3) field of view. These issues must be addressed in order to take CCD images with your telescope that are as pleasing to look at as they are scientifically useful
  • Blooming vs. Anti-Blooming
    at best, and if the streak bleeds onto your target object, there is no way to recover the lost data. CCDs with Anti-blooming gate protection are NOT recommended for low light level work because of the reduced sensitivity of these devices IF a better option is available. Anti-blooming gates built
  • Red Enables Cell Membrane Study
    cameras with appropriate technological features, such as adequate color sensitivity, speed, resolution or even physical specifications. Researchers at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville recently attempted to find a CCD camera to facilitate their study of the varying states of phospholipid
  • How to Image in Extreme, Low-light Conditions
    conditions, the user requires an imaging tool that offers sensitivity and dynamic range in excess of current generation night vision cameras. Toshiba Imaging Systems Division, a division of Toshiba America, has developed an ultra-sensitive ½" CCD color camera with the help of new, revolutionary
  • Using NIR for Inspection Applications
    This week, Lumenera is at the SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing (SPIE DCS) show demonstrating our Lt16059HM, a USB 3.0 industrial grade 16 MP CCD large format monochrome camera with Canon lens and a visible light blocking filter. Using an 850 nm NIR light ring we will be demonstrating how
  • Truly Automated Light and Color Measurement for Tell-Tales and Indicators
    in a single space? The greatest stride thus far in light measurement over a wide area (such as a complete instrument panel) has been the application of imaging colorimeters. Colorimeters are CCD-based photometric measurement devices calibrated to match human visual sensitivity to brightness and color
  • Development and Application of a MHz Frame Rate
    measurements are not simultaneously available with high accuracy due to the combined constraints imposed by high sensitivity digital image sensors and limited pulse repetition rates of solid-state lasers, respectively. In this work we describe the development of a MHz repetition rate, high resolution

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