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  • Encapsulated Scents Have Smell of Success for Custom Compounder
    Paddle blenders from Munson Machinery at the world's largest independent compounder of cellulose help meet the growing demand for scented plastics.
  • NBE Automated Bag Discharger Provides Loss-in-weight Feeding of Various Food Ingredients in a Safe and Efficient Manner.
    A multi-national household products conglomerate had an application to introduce a dry powder, methyl cellulose, into a liquid mix tank without agglomerates or fisheyes. Methyl cellulose is a finely divided, extremely hygroscopic powder that has poor flow properties. It is used as a thickening
  • Principles of Polarization Contrast - A Step-by-Step Guide
    INTERACTIVE TUTORIAL Certain cellular structures like cellulose walls or starch grains can hardly be made visible without specialized staining techniques. Polarization contrast microscopy is a convenient way to make birefringent crystalline structures like starch grains or cellulose visible without
  • How to Dry Boric Acid: A Case Study
    Boric acid is a dry, friable, white crystalline product that has to be dried from a crystalline solution. Ground-up newspaper, used in cellulose insulation, is impregnated with...
  • Electrical Barrier Material - Voltoid (R) D-800
    Voltoid (R) D-800 is a resin-bonded cellulose fiber composite material. It is formulated for consistent electrical and mechanical performance under variable humidity and moisture conditions, and is recognized by UL for continuous use up to 105 C.
  • pH and ORP Monitoring for the Indigo Dye Process
    Indigo dye is used for dyeing cotton and other cellulosic fibers such as rayon. In its pure form, indigo dye is not soluble in water, so the dye bath contains additives to solubilize it.
  • Rotronic - Paper Manufacturing
    The ancestor of the pulp paper making process that is used today is considered to be developed by a Chinese man named Tsai-Lun during the early 2nd Century. Paper and similar products like cardboard are made from cellulose fiber that comes from various sources (wood, rags, grasses). The cellulose
  • Electrical Barrier Material - Voltoid (R) S-350
    Voltoid (R) S-350 is a cellulose-based electrical barrier and insulation material with a flame resistance rating meeting UL 94 V-0. Its combination of firmness and flexibility make it well suited for uses requiring part fabrication by creasing, cut scoring, forming, and printing.

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