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  • Sauerstoffverstärkte functional MR lung imaging
    As Sende- and receiving coil, a large or small in channel body coil (Solutions AG Obtain Siemens .... Connected to the central gas supply of the clinic ( air and O2), the breathing air-borne oxygen concentration could steplessly be controlled between 21 and 100 %. .... the respective air mixture over a breathing mask (. Abb. 1 right), a T piece and ventilation hoses .
  • Vaulters lexicon physiotherapy
    …as the conductivity is temperaturabhängig, crescent pad nt (Moon pillow helped E); material hose in crescent form … 24,6 mm, ƒ adipose tissue: 50 mm, ƒ water: 11500 mm, ƒ air : 2,5 mm. .... through a tangibly existing object is promoted, and there is no outer sensory irritant by that, in contrast with the illusion; hallucinations can through disease processes of the central nervous system or chemical … connected through a deflecting roller to a train weight…
  • Therapy of inner diseases
     routine Abklatsch investigations  routine personal investigations  routine air germ number determination  routinemässigeWasseruntersuchungen  routine to UV lamps  plastic overshoe … bath tubs, floor  adhesive mats, disinfection mats  change derVernebler and ventilation hoses all 48 h  … frequent cause of nosokomialer bacteremias on the intensive care unit, with a Bakteriämieinzidenz central vein catheter-days … contamination causes the primary sprouting colonization of the puncture position plays an essential role ; further sources are…
    The system being used by Santa Monica has the entire central vacuum system with vacuum generator, fine filter, piping, and retractable reel mounted directly on the service line as a self- contained unit (see Figure 8). .... system are available with the vacuum generator mounted in a separate area with hoses installed on the .... The central vacuum system used by Santa Monica does not use a pneumatic transport system for coarse…
  • 60 years Hämo- and Peritonealdialyse, 50 years kidney transplantation, 25 years Immunapherese in Austria
    The coil kidneys were real in path devices and are provided fain for use. .... In the treatment space, there were electrically controlled air traps and for every place a blood pump. .... Were 4 plate kidneys in use, came the dialysate from a central treatment plant from the adjoining .... Membranes became sterile and are provided double and the blood hoses had infusion connections.
  • Nitrous oxide development and present place value
    The causal roller of the nitrous oxide on this postoperative complication is vigorously debated. .... central disturbance in the medullary dopaminergic system, debates an increase of zerebrospinaler Opioidpeptide,Veränderungen of the pressure .... Leakinesses in ventilators and hoses , diffusion through hoses and the Exspiration through the patient by and after anesthesia ausleitung carry for room air contamination with nitrous oxide.