Products/Services for Ceramic Tile Grout Steam Cleaners

    Steamers and Steam Generators - (107 companies)
    ...surface, floor, and garment steamers; steam cleaners, sterilizers, and strippers; and steam degreasers. Because steamers and steam generators clean and sanitize surfaces without chemicals, they are considered to be environmentally-friendly. Superheated...
    Ceramic Tiles - (156 companies)
    Ceramic tiles are thin, flat tiles that are usually shaped with beveled edges. They are used for lining or covering a surface, and may provide corrosion resistance, thermal protection, wear resistance, and/or surface decoration. Ceramic tiles come...
  • Caulk, Grout, and Joint Compounds-Image
    Caulk, Grout, and Joint Compounds - (388 companies)
    Caulk, grout and joint compounds are used to fill joints, level surfaces and seal or repair cracks. Caulk, grout and joint compounds are used to fill joints, level surfaces, and seal or repair cracks. There are two basic types of products: leveling...
  • Cleaning Agents and Surface Treatments-Image
    Cleaning Agents and Surface Treatments - (1886 companies)
    Cleaning agents and surface treatments includes liquid cleaners, degreasers, strippers, passivators, etchants, solutions and additives for cleaning and surface preparation. How to Select Cleaning Agents and Surface Treatments. Image Credit: All-Spec...
  • Resins and Compounds-Image
    Resins and Compounds - (389 companies)
    Resins and compounds are used for shape fabrication or bond formation. Types include adhesive, casting, and leveling resins; caulk and grout; and sealants and thread lockers. How to Select Resins and Compounds. Resins and compounds are used...
    Flooring (industrial) - (888 companies)
    ...residential, and industrial. Commercial flooring is designed for educational, healthcare, retail, light industrial, office, and other commercial settings. Products include wear-resistant carpets, laminate flooring, ceramic tile, asphalt tile, and other...
    Tank Cleaning Machines - (27 companies)
    ...heated cleaning solutions, sanitizers, acid cleaners, and rinses are sprayed on the internal surfaces of the tank. The high pressure stream impinges against the internal surface to provide optimal cleaning and removal of tank residues. The tank...
    Sealers and Seal Coatings - (249 companies)
    Sealers and seal coatings are used to seal surfaces or to form a barrier on a surface. They differ from sealants, which are used to seal joints or gaps between surfaces.
    Brooms, Mops, and Janitorial Brushes - (215 companies) clean surfaces using a sweeping motion. Specialty scrub brushes also include implements to clean porcelain, ceramic tiles, and grout; brushes with stiff bristles to remove metal; and brushes that are specially shaped for use on curved surfaces...
    Glass Tiles - (29 companies)
    ...for surface decoration. Glass tiles are more rigid than ceramic or cement tiles, making them easier to break under stresses. Though they require more delicate handling, glass tiles are popular because they can refract light, offering a wider variety...

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  • Collaborative business models: Enabling enterprise development in the tourism and hospitality industry
    Clean the coils free form debris or rust Use a coil cleaner solution to clean the coils, if necessary Remove and steam clean the coils if they are excessively dirty or clogged Straighten bent coils using a coil comb. .... Repairs to guest room furniture Repairs to ceramic tiles and grout .
  • Author Index to Ceramic Abstracts for October
    much interest in the question of coloring of facing brick and tile . .... the same l i e finely ground and sifted, and slaked by a steam pressure of 8atmospheres … analyses of salts at and just beneath the sur- faces of stone and ceramic structures showed varied … salts may bc derived from external sources such as mortar and backing, soil,atmosphere, cleaners , and preservatives. .... A. discusses the cement- grout filler, the perfect pave- ment, the modern product, depth of paving brick…
  • Surfaces
    High Performance Characteristics: stain resistance, abrasion resistance, colorfastness, resistance to bacteria, appearance retention, impervious to harsh cleaners ...... .... All surface materials manufactured today - ceramic tile , wood, stone, paint, metals, glass, sealants, masonry, or any other building material - are subjected to the same rigorous scrutiny (in terms of durability and appearance retention) that carpeting is. .... Various forms of moisture (from steam to running water) regularly come in contact with every exposed interior .... Grouts and caulkings (used in conjunction with ceramic tile) are also non- porous and through-color, allowing…
  • Handbook of Industrial Surfactants Volume 1 and 2
    …Reactive pigment, filler, pigment wetting agent, mod. visc. reducer for epoxy/ amine systems, grouts , coatings, adhesives, sealants .... Uses: High foaming cleaner for dissolving trimer and residual dyes. .... binder in ceramic glazes; leather tanning; dispersant; thickener; sizing agent; adhesive; paper greaseproofing; plasticizer (ceramic/refractory); visc. stabilizer. .... Uses: Detergent used for heavy-duty liq. cleaning compds., steam cleaners, nonir-. .... tiles 2% max.
  • Challenges of Power Engineering and Environment
    …of the insulated layer was 0.12m brick thickness, and the brick wall was brushed with grout . .... Tile . .... steam Soft coal. .... [8] J. Fricke and A. Emmerling, “Aerogels,” Journal of American Ceramic Society, Vol. 75, pp. 2027 .... However, it provides cleaner synthetic fuels than coal, shale or tar sands, and about 14% of the…
  • Practical Handbook of Grouting: Soil Rock and Structures Complete Document
    On a project in an underground utility tunnel, leaking steam resulted in a very humid environment. .... opened and created such a prob- lem that this material had to be replaced with another grout . .... stories of sewer lines, drain tiles , crawl spaces,. .... such as sucking a drink through a soda straw and using a vacuum cleaner , and to many .... FIGURE 10.23 Removal of a core of the ceramic surface, which will be replaced upon completion…