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  • CFM VS. Suction Lift Sump Cleaner Performance Series Part 3
    What is the difference between Suction Lift and CFM?
  • Clean Air Solution Report-40,000 CFM Welding Smoke/Fume
    Isaacson Steel, a large structural steel fabricator located in Berlin, New Hampshire, experienced a fire in an existing cartridge dust collector. Aquest Corp., Micro Air's distributor in the area, received a telephone call requesting design. engineering support, a site visit and a "fast track"
  • Curds and Whey: Nilfisk CFM 118 Combats Dusty Whey Powder
    The mantra of Ellsworth Co-op Creamery (Ellsworth, WI) leaves no question as to what this 99-year old company specializes in, nor does their nickname, "Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin." But it's not just a "cheesy" nickname that has kept this company going strong year after year. The company takes
  • Clear the Air: Boat Manufacturer Improves Air Quality by 94.4% with Nilfisk CFM Industrial Vacuums (.pdf)
    For more than 27 years, a Florida-based boat manufacturer has built versatile, distinctive boats designed for both the serious sport fisherman and the dedicated recreational boater. The company's boats are widely considered among the best on the water. Each is carefully built one at a time, and all
  • A Tough Nut to Crack: A Leading Pistachio Producer Saves Time and Money with a Nilfisk CFM 3707/10 (.pdf)
    Product losses during production are a fact of life in the food industry, but they can still drive you nuts - particularly if your product is nuts. The largest grower-supplier of pistachios and almonds in the world solved their vexing processing losses with some unusually creative thinking that some
  • Wattage Estimation Table - Kilowatt Hours to Heat Air
    Note: If air flow is given in CFM at operating temperature and pressure it can be converted to SCFM (Standard Cubic Feet per Minute) with the following formula.
  • Crimp Force Monitoring - The Recipe for Success
    Why, with all of their benefits, are Crimp Force Monitors (CFMs) not being used regularly by employees? One of the biggest problems is the lack of understanding of the variables affecting the CFM's ability to detect variations. Crimp quality detection is similar to baking a cake. There are a lot
  • Superstrong nuts and bolts
    Formula 1 race teams constantly push the mechanical limits of fasteners that attach chassis and aerodynamic components to their race cars. Swiss-based fastener maker, Icotec Ag ( ), produces fasteners that meet the challenge. Using composite flow molding (CFM) and a polyaryletherketone resin
  • Seven laws of blower application
    and high-voltage inputs. Outputs roughly range from 0 to 162-in. H2O at flows of 0 to 275 cfm. When selecting blowers, there are several fundamental laws that guide the process. Sometimes several laws apply to an application, so
  • Direct Contact Heat Transfer using No. 2 Type-K Tellerette (R) Tower Packing (.pdf)
    A customer with a sulfuric acid reclamation facility needed to cool a saturated air stream or closed loop process operation. The 10,000 CFM air stream at 165° F. had to be cooled to 110°F. The existing equipment was only able to achieve 125°F. Cooling liquid availability included a large quantity
  • Understanding Fan Performance Curves
    One of the most important documents customers request from fan manufacturers is performance curves. In addition to graphically depicting the basic fan performance data of CFM, RPM, and SP (on the static pressue curve) and BHP (on the brake horsepower curve), these curves also illustrate
  • ebm-papst Inc. FAQs
    minute (CFM), liters per second (LPS) or cubic meters per hour (M3H).