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  • Technical optics in the practice
    … 51, 54, 69 image equation 7, 22, 31, 32 image power 80, 90, 98 image scale 8, 27, 33 deflection 18 absolute refractive number 127 absorption 153 absorption edge 158 radiating angle 182 … … analyser 60, 61 anamorphotisches system 229 initial intensity 52 … … 181 bandwidth 218 bandwidth-length product 218 video tape transition 180 illumination 194 coating 163 operating voltage … CCD 202 CCD picture camera 207 CCD chip 207 CCD color sensor 203 CCD photosensor 202 CCD camera 206-208 CCD chains 203 CCD charge transport 202 CCD matrix … … CDS 194 charged coupled device 200 chip- on -glass-technology 190 Chirped …
  • ZASMHBA0003065
    … container industries to many new markets. cient amount must remain to enable the coating to flow out … Recent developments include airless spray systems , electrostatic spray systems, and low-pressure, high-volume spray systems. An automated line is generally based on a chain - on - edge conveyor that carries rotating ware chucks and transports the ware through spray booths with a series of spray guns.
  • CR4 - Thread: Using Air Plasma to Treat Plastic
    I am designing a base coat and a top coat line to coat plastic enclosures (caps & … The component speed is 6 meters/min. travelling on a chain - on - edge conveyor. … know the specs that I should look for when procuring an air plasma system and where I …
  • Robotics Case Studies - Classic Metal Finishing: Robot Prov...
    … a FANUC LR Mate 200iC robot with vision is planned for the future to handle loading and unloading dry film lubricant applied components from the Paint Mate 200iA two-position turn table to a chain - on - edge conveyor system for final curing. Thierica Equipment Corporation with over 50 years of developing creative painting and hard coating solutions for automotive …
  • Ligna Hannover '87 Internationale trade fair for machines and equipment of the wood and forestry
    Important features are Verstellspindelnals ball rolling spindles and the Ausffihrung of the Supportfiihrungsfi / ichen with Turcite coating the schwingungsfreie GuBteile frame method of construction, upper pressure chains, verschleigarme, off-hand rolling needle bearing-feed chains . The machine just has paper and PVC edges a hot-melt-adhesive-glueing part f ~ r … The glueing part is ausger / istet with pneumatic pressure system with a horizontal Mehrfachrollensystemffir automatic change … On -line-Abutted on P. C. s (IBM-compatibel) or EDV-systems.
  • Umweltverträgliche Tribosysteme
    … number 354 peracid 38 phase separation 88 phosphor additive 315 photo oxidation 36 Physical 83 Pin-on-Disk-(PoD-)Tribometer 92, 102, 110 Pitting … … gas 89, 103 process chain working packet 313 lubricant … … Pumpenwirkungsgrad 287, 290 PVD coating 9, 28, 96 additive … … out instruction, 350 layer delamination 242, 244 layer thickness effect 102 siliziumdotiertes 297 layer thickness distribution PVD-beschichteter tooth flanks 355 layer properties 91 layer adhesion 86 96 210 181 kohlenstofffreies commercial oxydisches 87 hafniumbasiertes to layer system 43 disc-disc-Tribometer … … reproducibility 74 feedback optimization 278 San Key-diagram 46 lubrication, hydrodynamic 19 pluck edge geometry 256 pluck …
  • Plasma pretreatment and coating of plastic films. Part 3: evaluation of experimental results and discussion
    By the On plasma, the S sporting rate of the oxygen ions increases with microwave power and … More inner chain bruche, so daB arise the falls Stabilitat of the polymer edge layer and to adhere worse aufgedampfte Al layers, cf., [2, Abb. 331 and 12, Abb. 341. Urn best film / layer to obtain systems by vakuumtechnische coating the film under these conditions had to be pretreated.
    of -3 nm particles, coated with deuterated octadecanethiols (C18). for longer chain systems such as C12, the chain dynamics arises abruptly at the melting temperature similar … In the case of monolayers forming pillars on the surface of the planes, it is expected that the chains on the edges of the monolayer assembly (or the free chains not part of the assembly) will become dynamic first, as they are …
  • Validation Testing of an Environmentally Friendly, Corrosion-Resistant Coating for Brake Rotors
    XRF 4000H X-ray Measurement System . … flat, facilitating accurate measurements of film thickness and evaluation of corrosion as a function of coating thickness. Support and transfer of the parts for coating and curing was done using chain - on - edge equipment.
  • Innovative textile reinforcings for hochbelastbare concrete components
    Weft laying car on a Multiaxial- chain operating machine Weft laying of system on Multiaxial warp knitting machine Coating of textile reinforcings The edge filaments have here only a direct contact for the concrete matrix is reached first through …