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  • U.S. Battery and Fuel Cell Patents | January 2008 | A B T |
    Compiled by Eddie T. Seo, Official Gazette, Volume 1324 (November 2007) U.S. 7,290,554 (20071106), Embedded microfluidic check-valve, Paul B. Koeneman and Terry M. Provo, Harris Corp. U.S. 7,290,555 (20071106), Embedded microfluidic check-valve, Paul B. Koeneman and Terry M. Provo, Harris Corp
  • Ready, aim, shoot, send
    horsepower to meet performance requirements. CPM tasks include providing real-time feedback to the user about system status and photo quality as well as processing and compressing raw image data from the imager module. It also must check battery status, file system interface, motor control for the lens
  • Peter Cochrane
    WHEN I first started travelling I did so with one wrist watch, which served me well for years, but on one fateful day it failed and I missed a vital flight. Since then I have been paranoid and wear two watches, one for British and one for local time, and I constantly check the difference. Of course
  • Integrating BLDC Motors with Li-ion Batteries in Motor Drive Applications
    The market for battery powered motor driven products is growing rapidly with the introduction of brushless motors and Li-ion batteries, and because of their ability to extend operating time, even traditional markets are upgrading to these new devices. Check out this article from Intersil to learn
  • Smart Computing Article - Batteries
    February 2000 Vol.4 Issue 1 Add To My Personal Library What To Check When Desktop & Portable Batteries Go Bad Most people use battery-devouring devices every day. Smoke detectors, flashlights, and many toys rely on batteries to keep going and going and going. But unbeknownst to many computer
  • Tadiran Industrial Grade LiSOCL2 Batteries: High Energy Cells that Age Gracefully
    Tadiran bobbin-type lithium thionyl chloride (LiSOCl2) batteries feature a very low self-discharge rate of just 0.7 percent per year, enabling these cells to operate for up to 40 years in extreme environments. In order to make the best engineering decisions you have to think critically and quickly
  • Wireless Sensor Network Aids Travelers in Parking Their Cars and Trucks
    Wireless Sensor Network Finds Parking Spots Users of a UCLA parking garage just check their cell phones for updates on vacancies. * Microprocessors within the sensors determine the type of sensed event, and whether to update the mainframe database. * Wireless sensors transmit data only on a valid
  • Medical Device Link .
    is certainly not the universal solution to all wireless needs, it addresses many of the needs in medical applications. It is a particularly good fit in models that demand high mobility, long battery life, and minimal infrastructure support. Bluetooth does much more than simply eliminate cables
  • Medical Device Link .
    ultrasound systems can make them unwieldy for emergency or point-of-care use. In the emergency room, for example, there may not be enough space for a large, cart-based device. Postoperatively, a physician who wants to check patient progress must order an ultrasound from a central facility and may
  • U.S. Patents | June 2005 | A B T |
    U.S. BATTERY AND FUEL CELL PATENTS Compiled by Eddie T. Seo, Official Gazette, Volume 1293 (April 2005) U.S. 6,874,352 (20050405), Method and apparatus for locating internal transfer leaks within fuel cell stacks, Zhaoyu Wang, Stephan Lutz, and Karl D. Inglehart, Ballard Power Systems Inc. (CA