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  • Bidirectional Check Valve Tester
    Products such as one-way valves are often built to open at a certain pressure. Product and test engineers need to know at what pressure the valve starts to open (cracking pressure) and if the valve body breaks.
  • Improving Reciprocating Compressor Valve Life
    Compressor valves serves as check valves for the inlet and discharge passages of the cylinder and will open and close once for every revolution of the crankshaft. If the compressor is running at 500 rpm for 24 hours a day, the valves will open and close 720,000 times every day! Valves have
  • 3S Disassembly For Cleaning (.pdf)
    Learn how to disassemble the 3A Sanitary valve by Check-All Valve. The electropolished stainless steel check valve for your sanitary needs.
  • Using a dataTaker DT80 to Control a Hydraulic Valve
    A CAS Data Loggers customer who had recently purchased a dataTaker DT80 data logger called in to our tech support asking how to set it up to not only control a hydraulic valve used in materials testing, but also to only log data when the hydraulic valve was active. This would enable the user
  • Medical Device Link .
    A newly released ultraminiature check valve incorporates an elastomer duckbill that enables the part to withstand up to 250-psig back pressure. The check valve is available with an in-line barb-to-barb configuration or internal or external M3 threads. Valve materials are brass and stainless steel
  • Medical Device Link .
    Acrylic Multipolymer Adds Durability to Check Valve Design A chemically resistant material improves a key component in drug-delivery systems To provide patients with high-quality treatment and care, doctors rely on the integrity of each and every drug-delivery device and component. Because
  • Case Study:Thread Sealant Compatibility Issues with Plastic Piping at Semiconductor Fab
    A leading international semiconductor manufacturer recently cut out and sent a section of pipe to Plast-O-Matic complaining of a leaking check valve, pointing to cracks on both the inlet and outlet. Cracked ports on a new valve generally indicate that the installer used a pipe wrench or channel
  • Medical Device Link .
    A line of check valves comprises a variety of styles and is manufactured in ISO Class 8 -certified cleanrooms. Included in the product line is an in-line back-check valve, which features a preloaded, normally closed silicone diaphragm that allows flow in a single direction. One-way
  • Membrane Filter Boosts CMM Productivity and Accuracy (.pdf)
    Oil in the air supply to a CMM was causing inaccurate measurements and resulting in scrapped parts. A check valve that passed CMM inspection, for example, later failed functional testing and had to be scrapped, indicating that the CMM measurements were inaccurate. Oil contamination also required
  • Flow Valves
    varies with fluid viscosity and pressure across the valve. Usually, a needle valve is paired with a check valve that offers resistance to flow in one direction only. The combination permits flow to be adjusted in one direction, with free flow upon reverse. This type of two-valve combination is typically

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