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  • The commutator cascade for constant power
    The frequency transducer can be omitted, the constantly excited exciter winding 9 of the exciter machine is the fiber connected a choke coil 10 to the slip rings of the main motor.
  • CR4 - Thread: 200cc Blaster Chokes
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  • Electrical machines and drives
    Example 4.3-4: Electrical machine as rotary field throttle : The stand has a rotary field winding , the rotor is wicklungslos.
  • CR4 - Thread: Help with a toroid
    You might be interested in: Electrical Coil Winding Machines , Metal Coil Winding and Unwinding Equipment, Inductors, Coils and Chokes .
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    Transformer Coils-Field Coils- Choke Coils Superior insulation of Dudlo wire, highly skilled operators on the winding machines , trained engineers who are coil specialists, tremendous stocks and facili- ties-all contribute to make this the industry's head- quarters for these new coils.
  • over additional Joule heat
    We want machines Zun ~ ichst the groove windings f/ir ausfiihrlicher investigate and spiter in a special section also on the windings of the choke coils and transformers to take briefly.
  • Can a direct current machine with magnetic feedback in economic manner generate the high frequency current?
    A is { armature of the direct current machine, F field winding of this machine , K a grofier blocking capacitor for holding of the direct current, D throttles to block the alternating current the path fibers the battery.
  • Effects of Lightning Voltages on Rotating Machines and Methods of Protecting Against Them
    … they must be insulated for the working voltage which foregoing, the amount of inductance that may be used exists at the point where they are tapped to the windings . in the choke coil is usually limited by … … in series with the machine .
  • Electrical engineering and electronics
    … 16 junction 16 junction set 198 Koerzitiv field strength 39 coal power station 342 collector of a direct current machine 234 of a transistor 151, 159 … … 283 commutation 182 compensation choke coil 321 compensation recorders 355 compensation winding 230 complexes number 95 …
  • Rotary current machines in the island operation
    … anchoring reactance 158 anchoring reaction 15 armature scattering reactance 37, 157 armature current-time process 42 armature winding 1 originating cage 3 … … up 191, over starting throttle 190 draining curve 155 … … 92 evaluation, 123-quasistationäres to 121 motors 202 drive and machines …