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    CID Cameras - (7 companies)
    CID (charge injection devices) cameras are a type of video camera employing image sensors that retain registered visible light until the sensor's pixels are ground, or 'injected', into a substrate. This makes them functionally different than other...
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    Monochrome / Color
    Horizontal Resolution
  • Video Cameras-Image
    Video Cameras - (1582 companies)
    ...the four colors to create an estimate of the correct color. Any inaccuracy is measured as interpolation. These types of cameras use CCD, CMOS, or CID image sensing technology. Images credit: Cambridge in Colour. CCD. Charge coupled devices (CCDs...
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  • UV Cameras-Image
    UV Cameras - (24 companies)
    ...record in monochrome. CID cameras are commonly radiation hardened. Underwater Rated: Devices are designed to work when completely submerged in water. This feature can be added with an aftermarket housing. Zoom: Cameras are designed with a feature...
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  • High Speed Cameras-Image
    High Speed Cameras - (125 companies)
    ...levels of radiation. These cameras can be used in nuclear facility applications, or in scientific research that will expose the device to radiation. These types of cameras almost always record in monochrome. CID cameras are commonly radiation hardened...
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  • Low Light Cameras-Image
    Low Light Cameras - (158 companies)
    ...applications, or in scientific research that will expose the device to radiation. These types of cameras almost always record in monochrome. CID cameras are commonly radiation hardened. Image credit: Thermo Scientific. Underwater Rated: Devices...
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    Board Cameras - (33 companies)
    ...common, but CMOS and CID sensors are used as well. Without a specified feature, board cameras retain the functionality of video cameras in general. It is recommended you visit Engineering360's video camera selection guide for an in-depth look...
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    CCD Cameras - (530 companies)
    ...the others being CMOS and CID), CCD cameras are the most developed and commonly used. CCD (couple-charged device) cameras are a type of image capture device that utilize an image sensor to register visible light as an electronic signal. These types...
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    Smart Cameras - (46 companies)
    Smart cameras are stand-alone camera systems that contain an image sensor, integrated processor, and communication interface. They can be programmed for machine vision, security, and other imaging applications. Smart cameras are individual image...
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    Digital Cameras - (140 companies)
    Digital Cameras are cameras that take still photographs, and sometimes have limited video capabilities, by recording images on an electronic image sensor. Digital cameras encode digital images and store them for later reproduction. They make up...
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    Vision Sensors - (150 companies)
    Vision sensors are industrial products that automate decisions and processes by the use of video cameras linked to application-specific software on a user interface. These are also known as machine vision systems, and are useful for measurement...
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  • Medieval and Early Modern Film and Media
    …that includes thirty minutes of additional footage in September 2007.9 In January 2008, El Cid (dir. .... something like a return to the early practices of filmmaking when two cameras were used to shoot domestic and export versions of the same film and edited by different editors, then recut by distributors when exported due to reasons of censorship or…
  • Manual of the Mess- and automation technique in the production
    CCD camera 401 CE identification 24 CE conformity 9, 10, 13, 14 CEN 24 CENELEC 12, 24, 26, 521 CE symbol 9 Channel link 506 batch Coupling Devices (CCD) 440 batch-Balancing-ADU 427 Cheapernet 600 CID image sensor 301 CIP 539 … excitation coil, 377 exciter winding, 675 replacement circuit diagram 669, Authentification, 676 floor distributors 504 EtherCAT 618…
  • Franco Sells Spain to America
    His cameras lingered as well over the recently completed, gargantuan Catholic cathedral- cum-memorial to the Nationalist … presented in Montevideo.”106 Unsurprisingly, the Franco regime classified Sinfonía Española, like El Cid before it, as … Fallen was shown not only in Spain but throughout Europe as well, American distributors would not touch…
  • Non-sequential modeling of commercial dichroic beamsplitters using Zemax
    Alberto Asensio Campazas*, Marcos X. Álvarez Cid . .... The estimate d efficiency of the camera . .... information provided by the main ma nufacturers/ distributors , namely Thorlabs, Newport or Edmund Optics, .
  • August 2012 issue of Screen Digest
    The company, already provides smartphone camera -based credit card details scanning technology used in the PayPal Here … Australian telecom Telstra, with the participation of previous investors Sierra Ventures, Rembrandt Venture Partners, and CID Group. .... film production and distribution group Studiocanal is to acquire Hoyts Distribution, a leading distributor in Australia and…
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    Coppier aiiodes, cast, electrodeirositecd a cid t-oller forr all copperir platinrg operationss. .... Distributors of industrial electroiiic eqluip- ment and componsents. .... S-9 to S-11 New Design TV camera chains for field alid studio, new sensitive film…
  • Author Index
    …of travellimig disturbances in ionosphere, 2309 Mounah, M., vitlu B. Bartels, 'conductron' photoconductive camera tube, 3128 Murafa … Uye
  • Smart clip, X-Nemesis clip; Sagem Code reader full package, Vygis tool box and more. - GSM-Forum
    -Remove camera shutter sound all current NEW SEMC phones. .... -Reset total call timer any current cid (16/29) NEW SEMC phones. .... We are looking for distributors and corporate manufacturers in every .
  • GOT SEMC [Archive] - GSM-Forum
    CID MIS MATCHES K-300i. .... Which firmware to avoid camera problem with W300i? .... I Want To Become A G-o-t Distributor , .
  • Display Dynamics Summary - November 2014
    The after-market is crowded with many system integrators, manufacturers, and even distributors . .... In the US, CID including rearview-monitoring functionality is becoming standard equipment ahead of the KT (Kids … cloud-based information network services for vehicles, car navigation systems, car audio, vehicle camera systems, visual devices…