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  • Climatic Chamber Validation
    Climatic chambers are in widespread use across many industries. They are used to simulate climatic conditions including temperature, humidity, pressure, vibration and light intensity. Conditions are controlled or varied according to user or test specifications. Products and samples are placed
  • Networking and Remote Communication on a Workstation-based Shaker Control System
    user interface attributes allow for secure. operation of the vibration control peripheral from nearly any type of workstation, X-termial,. or personal computer on the same network. Also discussed, are capabilities for remote. control and status communication with climatic chamber controllers

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  • Biodiversity and climate change
    Abb. 1-17: Simplified representation of the cumulative uncertainties of future socio-economic development, future greenhouse gas emissions and - concentrations as well as the therefrom resulting in future possible climate space and possible damages (Menne and Ebi 2006).
  • Textbook of the building physics
    The equal holds true for the wärmephysiologischen demands, [12], that are to set from hygienic point of view to the thermally-hygrischen components of the room climate ( room air temperature, surface temperature of the room enclosure surfaces, inner radiation exchange, relative air …
  • Room climate technique
    Became the question about ethnogeographisch conditional differences in some studies [1, 9, 10] comprising, investigates: Nordamerikanische became the europaische and Japanese subjects subjected well defined conditions the same in climate chambers .
  • On the path to zero emission building
    For the examination of lesser samples, the testing room climate in climate chambers is realized.
  • Room climate technique
    38 L 09805 (2011) [E45] smoking head, U.: germs in the climate chamber .
  • Criteria of the sustainable building: assessment of the thermal room climate, a contribution to the discussion
    [25] shows that the persons under same thermal conditions in its home in comparison with its office or a climate space feel warmer.
  • Frick / Knöll building construction lesson 1
    80 120 160 C3 moderate city-/ industry atmosphere with moderate SO2 load or moderate coastal climate spaces with high relative air humidity and slightly impurities 2-5 5-15 .
  • Technical development of buildings
    Also, is also the final climatic room load through persons, machines and isn't still given to illumination so that a precontrol can be undertaken bestenfalls.