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  • CAD unlocks spiral manufacturing
    . The program 's parametric capabilities let us quickly generate variations for different vehicles. " The firm also machines hyperbolic mirrors used to see around a vehicle. "Though their size would have most shops using a turning machine, the software, along with innovative fixturing, lets us make near-perfect
  • Milling good parts from bad geometry
    Accurate and efficient machining usually depends on three things: Position of the workpiece, shape of the stock at the start of the operation, and the shape to be produced. Machine tools can pick up a touch probe to take measurements of stock shape and its location. The information can then adjust
  • CAD and CAM help shop pump out micromedical parts
    of the CNC machine and the cutting tools, " says Smith. For instance, one HSM strategy involves keeping a consistent load on
  • Best Sites on the Web
    the process of making injection mold tooling for relatively simple parts, those with four or fewer side actions where the part geometry can be machined. They use advanced aluminum alloys and high-speed CNC machining
  • Engineering future engineers
    - Engineering Academy, students can major in computerized design and drafting, manufacturing engineering technology, precision machine technology or welding and fabrication. The academy teaches blueprint reading, CNC
  • Cell Controllers
    contains a hard disk that holds programs for numerous CNC machines or PLCs. On command, the computer sends a new program out to a given manufacturing machine. The command can come from a machine operator or remotely from a central supervisory computer. Cell
  • Building safer seats for Indy racers
    scanner to create a CAD file that duplicates the seat shape. If the driver already has a preferred seat, a fitting is not required at all. Instead, the seat itself is scanned to produce the CAD file. The file generates inputs for a CNC program that directs a machine center to carve the seat out
  • Process Capable Tolerancing
    : = design spec width and = the standard deviation of a population. Standard deviation is a measure of the dispersion or variation in a distribution. An example should help clarify the concept. A machine-shop manager wants to quantify the capability of a CNC turret lathe at cutting external diameters

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