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    CNC Routers - (220 companies)
    Z-axis. Maximum speed. Spindle power. True robotics. Automatic tool change spindle. Computer and peripheral software. Resources. CNC Router - Wikipedia. Series V: High Precision 3D CNC Routing - Acc-Router. Image credits: MultiCam | Blurry Customs...
    Number of Axes
    Frame Construction
    X-axis Travel
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    Router Bits - (252 companies)
    Router bits are rotating tools that are available in a variety of profiles and shapes. They are used with routers for edge shaping. Router bits are rotating tools that are available in a variety of profiles and shapes. Router bits are used...
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    CNC Controllers - (144 companies)
    CNC controllers are used to control machines and processes. They provide capabilities ranging from simple point-to-point linear control to highly complex algorithms with multiple axes of control. CNC controllers are used to retrofit many types...
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    CNC Machining Services - (5284 companies)
    ...a computer generated model to a machining program. This results in a quick turn-around, making even low volume work practical and affordable. CNC Equipment. There are a number of devices which are used in CNC machining. Mills, routers, or milling...
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    Network Routers - (480 companies)
    Network routers are protocol-dependent devices that connect subnetworks, or that break down a large network into smaller subnetworks. How to Select Network Routers. Image Credit: Allied Electronics and Moxa, Inc. Network routers...
    Supply Chain Management Software (SCM) - (227 companies)
    Supply chain management software (SCM) is used to track and monitor products and services. Supply chain management software (SCM) is used in the management of producing a product from raw materials through the various manufacturing and distribution...
    Computer Numerical Control Software (CNC) - (70 companies)
    ...control systems, or to turn a personal computer (PC) into a CNC controller. CNC uses computer-aided design (CAM) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD) to operate CNC equipment such as: lathes. routes. milling equipment. Tool paths define...
    Power Supplies - (2685 companies)
    To illustrate the general structure of a power supply, we will use a typical DC power supply. A basic DC power supply can be built with four circuits (or sections), as shown in the following diagram, where each block represents a particular circuit...
    CNC Tool Changers - (32 companies)
    ...tool changers function. CNC tool changers have two sides called the master side and the tool side. The master side mounts to a CNC machine and the tool side mounts to toolings that include: welders. grippers. deburring tools. A toolchanger is powered...
    Lasers - (685 companies)
    ...and chemical reactions. A laser's pump source depends upon its gain medium; for example, an Nd: YAG laser would be supplied by a laser diode or flash lamp, while a HeNe device is supplied by an electrical discharge. Gain Medium. Most properties...

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  • Solvent bonding of poly(methyl methacrylate) microfluidic chip using phase‐changing agar hydrogel as a sacrificial layer
    The homemade 13000 V high-voltage dc power supply provided a voltage for the electrophoretic separation and the electrokinetic sample introduction. The channel plates of the PMMA microchips were fabricated on PMMA plates (75 mm  16 mm  1 mm) by using a compu- ter numerically controlled ( CNC ) router .
  • Intermediate Robot Building
    … surface-mount components with through-hole components as needed to best arrange circuits on your homemade robots. I can see it now: There will be your all-in- one handheld digital multimeter oscilloscope, your miniature computer numerically controlled ( CNC ) milling machine body-part maker and PCB router , your macro-lens video pick-and-place soldering machine, and your laptop … Creating a Linear Voltage- Regulated Power Supply .
  • Practical Electronics for Inventors, Third Edition > Hands-on Electronics
    Figure 7.9 shows a homemade photo-etching kit that uses an array of UV LEDs inside … Creating a PCB with a Router Low-cost desktop CNC routers offer a chemical-free method of producing PCBs by using normal copper … Bring power supply leads or other I/O leads to the edge of the board, connecting them through an edge connector, D-connector, barrier-strip connector, or single-binder posts fixed to the edge of the board.
  • Renewable and Sustainable Energy II
    … connection is completed among devices and between device and function module by adding channel and the router . A wireless sensor node can only be equipped with a limited power source due to the several … Test equipment: digital multimeter, oscilloscope and regulated power supply . + cnc q − nc . Homemade water sucking evaluation equipment of reverse osmosis membrane material was used which has been shown in …
  • Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011 Complete Document
    In the article, a simple cheap robot nimble finger driven by the homemade pneumatic actuators muscles is … The hardware circuits include DSP main circuits, sampling and signal regulating circuits, driving circuits and power supply circuits. CHAPTER 5: Computer-Aided Design in Materials Engineering Computations for Simplification of Canned Cycles in CNC Programming … hoc) network takes the wireless mobile nodes to function as host computer and router simultaneously to constitute …
  • Manufacturing Science and Technology (ICMST2013)
    … is mostly imported from foreign countries and is monopolized, research and development of homemade LED device will … … aiming to significantly enhancing real-time performance, and more efficiently using the processing power of the server. … instead of traditional surveillance camera to avoid dealing with a maze of connection and power supply wires. Forth step is Computer Numeric Control ( CNC ) process and so on. The reference message of department of computer science routing layer c agent message router ) of Stanford University …
  • Mechatronics and Industrial Informatics
    The management network is connected with internet, and assigned the static IP address through the router . [4] LU Yan, Power Drive and Control of the Mine Hoist[M]. … research on a SVC auto-compensation method to improve the power factor of the power supply system. … be the major factor in restricting the movement speed and improving the positioning accuracy of CNC system. … mixture, data acquisition system is not available, so far, in almost all of homemade and imported mixing …
  • Manufacturing Science and Technology III
    … cutting forces on the MDF surface when machining with tools having complex geometry such as router bits. The VMC 100 CNC vertical machining center and a sample of thrust force plot is shown in … The GFRP composite used in the experiment was supplied by VMT Glass Fiber Roofing Industries, India. … MEMS) with good performance in high frequency application such as linearity, no DC power consumption, no noise … … capacity of the equipment, workers' skill level), the product process information and the homemade parts detail (that …
  • Industrial Instrumentation and Control Systems
    1) Current sensor: putting A1324 hall element into homemade plastic shell, making the distance between the center … … Baoming, Zhong Long, in: Practical Handbook of the hall current sensor, China Electric Power Press, Beijing(2009). AMT2001 temperature and humidity module supply voltage to DC voltage, the relative humidity output is calculated by … The WSN-3202 can configure as a mesh router to increase network distance and connect more nodes … … supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 51175309), “Highend CNC machine tools and …
  • Advanced Composite Materials
    The experiment proves that this DPRAM communication technology can match the real-time ability of CNC system. The device applies the 3D structure, which consists of the support desk, PLC, power supply , touch panel, photoelectric switches, sound sensors, signal lights and nixie tubes. … several buildings together to form a big local area network, and then the routers connect the floor … … Formic Acid bought it from Sinepharm Chemical Reagent Co., Ltd, Shanghai, China and deionized water was homemade .