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  • Monitor Coal Feeder Conveyor Speeds for Precise Discharge
    The Electro-Sensors SA420 Signal Conditioner, 907XP Hall Effect Sensor and Split. Collar Pulser Wrap. can be used to modulate gravimetric conveyor shaft speed for precise coal discharge.
  • Speed Switch Monitors Coal Conveyor for Belt Slippage
    The Electro-Sensors SCP1000 Shaft Speed Switch with 255 Pulser Disc can monitor tail pulley for slowdown due to belt slippage or breakage preventing unwanted slowdown or stoppage of a coal conveyor that can result in costly and even. dangerous conditions.
  • IR Keeps West Virginia Coal Miners Safe
    When all safety procedures are followed, coal mining is a very safe industry. Infrared testing is used to monitor the direct current trolley systems that power transportation vehicles. The trolley system can extend for 20 to 30 miles underground, and consists of a positive or negatively charged
  • The Evolution of Gas Protection
    to the world of gas detection, single and multi-gas monitors evolved. The first electronic single gas monitors were basic at best. Designed for the coal industry to sniff out methane, these monitors utilised analogue readouts to indicate the presence of gas. Most monitors today offer considerably more
  • Examining the Root Causes of Gearbox Failure Leads to Longer Life
    Coal Age October, 2002 -- When equipment fails, often the biggest concern is how to get the equipment running again. Equally important, however, is discovering why the equipment failed and how such a failure can be prevented. Preventive maintenance is defined as the regular performance of equipment
  • Bulk Material Combustion Warning Systems (.pdf)
    Many bulk materials, such as coal and organic wastes, are stored as large piles in open yards where air and moisture promote decomposition and exothermic reactions that raise the pile's temperature. Since self-ignition usually starts within the pile's lower layers, a full-blown fire can develop
  • Confined Spaces and Gas Detection
    When monitoring the atmosphere in a confined space, there are several important issues that need to be considered, reviewed, and managed. One of the major issues centers on air quality and what you are breathing, both prior to entry and during occupation of a confined space. You need to know what
  • Engineering Green
    would seemingly be more expensive. It turns out this is not necessarily true. For example, when coal-fired power plants needed a better way to monitor the chemicals coming from their

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