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  • Electrical Test Probes-Image
    Electrical Test Probes - (257 companies)
    ...frequency probes, high voltage probes, magnetic probes, and optical probes. A coaxial test probe is a spring loaded, signal-conducting probe insulated from its shell or shielding tube by a dielectric material. Coaxial test probes have rated nominal impedance...
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  • Styli and Probes-Image
    Styli and Probes - (80 companies)
    Styli and probes are slender, rod-shaped stems and contact tips or points used to probe surfaces in conjunction with profilometers, SPMs, CMMs, gages and dimensional scanners. Styli and probes are slender rod-shaped stems and contact tips or points...
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  • Electrical Connectors-Image
    Electrical Connectors - (2610 companies)
    ...easy connecting without tools. With multi-pin connectors, a pinout diagram is sometimes helpful. Connections include network cable, USB, HDMI, DVI, SCSI, board mount, coaxial, RCA, audio, cable, etc. Applications include consumer electronics, video...
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  • Coaxial Connectors-Image
    Coaxial Connectors - (478 companies)
    Coaxial connectors are composed of an insulated central conducting wire wrapped in another cylindrical conductor (the shield). The cable is usually wrapped in another insulating layer and an outer protective layer. Coaxial cables and connectors have...
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  • CMM Probes-Image
    CMM Probes - (87 companies)
    Coordinating measuring machine (CMM) probes are transducers that convert physical measurements into electrical signals, using various measuring systems within the probe structure. Coordinate measuring machines (CMM) probes are transducers...
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    Waveguide-to-Coaxial Adapters - (47 companies)
    Composition. Waveguide-to-coaxial adapters are composed of a waveguide component that fits the waveguide tubing and ends with a flange, and a coaxial probe assembly with a coaxial adapter and connection hardware. The coaxial cable adapter is typically...
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    Power Springs and Spring Motors - (25 companies)
    Power springs and spring motors are rotational-drive springs that are wound tightly and mounted on an arbor. They are used in applications such as retractable reels, tape measures, and retracting seat belts. Peer into any wind-up toy you had...
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    Coaxial Cables and Triaxial Cables - (730 companies)
    Coaxial cables have an inner conductor insulated by a dielectric material and then surrounded by an outer conductor that is shielded with braid or foil. Triaxial cables add an extra layer of insulation and a second conductive sheath...
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    Coaxial Terminations - (107 companies)
    Coaxial terminations are electrical devices that connect to the ends of coaxial cables to prevent signals from reflecting back when they reach the end of the cable. They differ in terms of frequency range, power rating, voltage standing wave ratio...
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    Flat Springs - (100 companies)
    Flat springs are flat strips of material that, when deflected by an external load, store and release energy. Flat springs are small, stamped metal components that function like a spring by controlling deflection within small or restricted spaces...
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  • An introduction to coaxial RF probing solutions for mass-production tests
    Index Terms—RF probe, RF probing solution, test fix- ture, RF pogo , coaxial pin, spring -loaded test solution, mass-production RF testing, RF fixturing .
  • Coulomb blockade effects in anodised niobium nanostructures
    … number of contacts to sixteen, of which thirteen are dc leads and three coaxial cables for rf … Contact between the leads and the chip is made by spring -loaded probes (‘ pogo -pins’).
  • Experimental Verification of a Passive Sensing Node for Monitoring RF Connector-Coaxial Cable System Performance
    … showing the outer grounded shield, pogo pins, PC board cover, and Ports 1, 3, and 4 and b) interior view showing the MID inside the test connector with the spring -loaded center conductors of the pogo -pin probes pressing against the IC … coaxial test cables.
  • Gizopoulos / Advances in ElectronicTesting
    But again, miniaturization is the key to performance improvement, like the vertical probing technique with microscopically small … Figure 5-9: (a) Pogo pin assembly: Contact may occur randomly through any of the possible connections … … per-pin size and excellent compliance with interface board planarity (due to its spring -loaded contact mechanism … … best signal fidelity, a pogo arrangement with sufficient ground pogos to approximate a coaxial layout can yield …
  • Spring-loaded contact produces interconnections with improved signal integrity,
    The new design is applicable to signal, power and coaxial contacts, and can be used in circular … The key innovation in a HyperSpring connector is that the spring itself is not used for electrical … … optimise the physical performance of the overall system, achieving, for instance, much higher probing speeds than would … The new contact has already been used in a Pogo Tower connection system for wafer probing; for …
  • CSP Test Sockets
    We employ spring contact probes and other alternate contact technologies in a fixed or floating nest socket design depending on which approach best meets the critical requirements of your test application. To satisfy high frequency testing demand by general pogo pin solution, we had developed metal housing shielding … Excellent for use in sockets, fixtures, and contactors for semiconductor testing and in coaxial installations.
  • A bare-chip probe for high I/O, high speed testing
    … assembly mounts into the DUT interface frame of the VLSI tester mainframe and coaxial cables connect the … MAKINGRELIABLE CONTACT When probing large, dense arrays of U 0 pads on a die there are several … Spring loaded pin probes ( pogo pins or needles) typically rely on stress concentration to displace oxides by cold flowing underlying metals.
  • RF and Microwave Microelectronics Packaging
    Automatic positioning equipment can be utilized to place each unit in the panel in relation to a set of spring -loaded probes , pogo pins, or other contacts for making the necessary DC and low-frequency connections and a set of antennas or … … mm by 5 mm, includes two 10-dB-gain antennas, two or three coaxial connectors, and surface …
  • ESD Compliance Testing and Recommended Protection Circuits for GaAs Devices
    50 Ω Semi-rigid Coaxial Cable Pogo Probe Insulating Fixture High Voltage Power Supply The device is held in place on the fixture by a spring -loaded plunger (Figure 5).
    … pled plod plop plot plow ploy plug plum plus pock pods poem poet pogo poke poky pole … … pride pried prier pries prigs prime prima primp print prior prism privy prize probe prods proem proms … … spoofs spooks spooky spools spoons spoors spores sports sporty spotty spouse spouts sprain sprang sprats sprawl sprays … … clueing clumber clumped cluster clutter coaches coarser coarsen coasted coaster coastal coating coaxing coaxial cobalts cobbles cobbled …