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  • Rotating unions in the coil winding sector
    Rotating unions in the coil winding sector. What do soft quality steels for deep drawing, high-strength constructional steels, steels for tinplate cans, stamped parts and pressed parts for vehicles, packaging strips and springs, and electric parts or tubes/pipes have in common?. They were all strip
  • Designing a Base Station Coil for the HCS410
    -inductor-capacitor (RLC) circuit should have. Secondly, the resonating capacitor rated voltage is chosen. The coil inductance and resonating capacitor value can then be calculated. For a given coil inductance and coil resistance, choos-ing the coil average diameter and coil winding aspect ratio
  • Auxiliary Coil Excitation (PMG-I)
    Cat (R) generator sets assembled at the Caterpillar facility in Piracicaba, Brazil, known as Power Systems Brazil (PSB), use alternators that feature an auxiliary coil (or auxiliary winding) and permanent magnets in the exciter stator. This provides the benefits of an alternator fitted
  • Success Story: Electromechanical Assembly
    A major semiconductor company requested a custom motor coil winding assembly for use in their laser lithography machine. The motor assembly is used in conjunction with the magnet portion of the assembly to adjust the stage on which the wafer is mounted to position the wafer as desired. The assembly
  • Stepper Motor Theory
    motors incorporate a permanent magnet rotor, coil windings and magnetically conductive stators. Energizing a coil winding creates an electromagnetic field with a north and south pole as shown in figure 1. The stator carries the magnetic field which causes the rotor to align itself with the magnetic
  • Automotive Crossover Filters
    The AC Series inductors from CWS, Coil Winding Specialist, Inc., is designed for use in a series connection with a capacitor to act as a filter to remove ignition noise or alternator noise from car stereo systems. Filters made from an inductor connected to a capacitor form part of the crossover
  • Medical Device Link .
    . They are supported by four magnet channels in lengths of 60, 90, 150, and 300 mm. An ironless core design provides ultrasmooth motion since there are no iron winding laminations to produce cogging. The small coil and magnet track footprint makes the unit readily adaptable for moving coil or magnet
  • The wind-up and the pitch
    .-diameter platinum wire that has a breaking strength of just 1.2 gm, " says Dale Henson, owner of , a maker of miniature coil winders. "It is difficult for human hands to get wire that small off a spool and around the filament-dispenser pulleys without breaking, but the winding machines handle

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