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  • Wood skills
    …geometry 192 cutting edge material 192 cutting tool 246 247- loops 146, outer thread, internal … 89, 90-trimmed 91, trade forms 93, conically trimmed … box lock 354 protection equipment 7, personal 8 protection … system voltage 156, 157 voltmeters 156 clamping device 147…
  • Construction of sicherheitsgerechter products
    …EN, safety-drills", January, 13 021 "machines for denWinterdienst 2003 DIN EN 13 218, safety requirements", September, "tool machine-safety-Stationary grinding machines", September 2002 DIN … 252 "lasers and laser installations , laser apparatus, minimum demands … circular saws and circular blades , March 1997. .... 34: Special requirements for motor compressors, April 1997 Teil2-37:BesondereAnforderungenfür elektrischeFriteusenfür the commercial use, January 1997…
  • Wood skills
    …90-rundholzschraube 255-rundschälen 106 Hallimasch 81 hand / video tape grinders 213-drill 149-milling machine 205-hobelmaschine 188-kreissägemaschine 175-nutfräsmaschine 205-oberfräse 194 209 210-vorspannsäge 119-werksbetrieb, drilling machine, grinding machine, 135, 531 trade forms 95 folding door .... - plane 123-cut 101 Historismus 385 plane / types 142-bank 146-iron 145-error 145-machine 194- knife 171-angle 142 steel hochlegierter to planes 142 high … 33-types 60-structure 56-selection 64-processing with devices and machines 139-bearbeitungsmaschine…
  • Plastics for construction protection and the emphasizing repair
    Research society for the road nature e.V. (publisher) working instruction for combined Griffigkeits- and roughness measurements with the oscillating apparatus and the outflow blade , output 1972. .... Compartment board to refer the "Structural devices of" the BGZ, main dressing of commercial professional companies, over … 52108:2002-07 test of inorganic non-metallic materials, wear test, with the grinding wheel after Böhme…
  • City traffic planning
    The manual cross-section count is used predominantly then when must contemporarily be raised on several cross-sections, or when the use of automatic traffic counting installations refuses for technical and economic reasons. .... Traffic counting installations consist of the pulse blade (induction loop , measuring hose and other) and the registering apparatus.
  • The Clothing Industry in Transition: International Trends and British Response
    Beyond these strictly commercial operations, local authority-funded CAD bureaux are being established in a number of .... By far the most successful of these systems is the Gerber cutter, in which a numerically- controlled servo-motor following a computerized pattern guides a reciprocating, self- sharpening knife across a cutting table on which many ply of cloth have been compressed … characteristics have led most firms to retrain existing skilled staff on the new equipment , though the number…
  • Machine tools, machine types, and scope of application
    With a common incision and in a circulation the become the knife heads moving by the cross table the journals on abrasive measure processed. .... In conjunction with an automatic Lade- and discharger device , a production rate of up to 120 crankshafts .... The inner milling of crankshafts becomes however increasingly through the hereinafter described detached more economic outer cutters.
  • Generation of chips for chipboard-stand and development tendencies
    The precise adjustment on the gewi.inschten knife board of directors takes place dt, rch a on the Zerspaner mounted hydraulically bet ~ itigte ,lustier- and inserting device , that the fixes the knife precountry on the knife edge flight circuit. .... It became best ~ itigt dal3 a in this manner controlled, often nachschleifbares blade under current price and Kostenverhfiltnissen. the costs fi, irdas 's grinding and procurement the b[o[3en … the system stage 03 however yon economic advantage gegeni.iber the…