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  • Bulletproofing on a budget
    with the specified wrap angles as well as calculated orthotropic material properties. Iterative element-byelement, ply-by-ply analysis takes place for mechanical and pressure loads. The analytical and test data helps
  • Rheological Instrumentation for the Characterization of Polymers
    . In this test, there is little control or knowledge. of the test flow pattern, and thus the. strain history is different for each material. studied. This single point value is a composite. of both the viscosity and elasticity in the sample. This empirical value is not defined in. terms of a particular
  • Automotive Fatigue Life and Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of a Matrix Polymer
    Many exterior components on modern automobiles are fabricated from advanced polymer and composite materials. Knowledge of the strength and durability of these raw materials is becoming increasingly important for suppliers who support the automotive industry. These materials must have
  • Rapid-prototyping resin good enough for wind-tunnel tests
    director of Provel. The accuracy of the Somos composite resin, as well as an adhesive that was adapted for the material, helped ensure an even, high-quality surface finish. "The prototype was ready for tests in less than half the time needed for traditional techniques," says Buson. "The entire
  • Small Diameter Vascular Graft Elasticity Measurement in Response to Pulsatile Pressure
    and elasticity. Therefore, measuring the elasticity of the vascular wall of graft materials is essential for predicting their success and patency in vivo. Bose ESG has developed the BioDynamicTM test instrument for the simultaneous characterization and mechanical stimulation of orthopaedic and cardiovascular
  • A better way to Simulate Gaskets
    of top and bottom gasket surfaces) for a graphite composite. Part of gasket complexity is that their material behaves nonlinearly. The sample was loaded (blue curves) and unloaded (brown curves) five times along the loading path and then unloaded at the end of the test to determine the materials
  • A better way to optimize thermal characteristics
    be greater than or equal to 300 K. The Objective Function dialog box sets goals for the optimization, such as minimum or maximum temperatures, average surface temperatures, and minimum and maximum pressures. If users specify more than one objective, OptimizeIt forms a composite objective function
  • Medical Device Link .
    resins, foams and composite materials and high performance adhesives became available. Seamless polyimide tubing was discovered in the 1970s. Previously, only spiral wound tubing made from Kapton film had been available. Spiral wound tubing does not provide the properties or the dimensions
  • Dielectric Materials for Use in Radomes
    , materials are needed with combined characteristics of good dielectric properties coupled with structural strength, durability, and chemical inertness. Polyurethane foam is subsequently used in a myriad of industries such as aerospace, medical, construction, marine, and composite core. General Plastics

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