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  • Network Media Converters-Image
    Network Media Converters - (341 companies)
    ...are often used to connect Ethernet network stations and transceivers. Subscription channel (SC) connectors are medium-sized coaxial devices with a frequency range of 0 - 11 GHz. They are larger than Bayonet Neil-Concelman (BNC) connectors...
  • Coaxial Cables and Triaxial Cables-Image
    Coaxial Cables and Triaxial Cables - (696 companies)
    Coaxial cables have an inner conductor insulated by a dielectric material and then surrounded by an outer conductor that is shielded with braid or foil. Triaxial cables add an extra layer of insulation and a second conductive sheath...
  • AC-DC Adapters-Image
    AC-DC Adapters - (338 companies)
    ...operating temperature. Standards. DSCC-DWG-10021 - Connector, Electrical, Coaxial, Radio Frequency, Adapter, Electrical, Coaxial, RF, Socket Contact, Series SMPS to SMPS. DESC-DWG-85027 - Adapter, Connector, BNC to Dual Banana Jack. DESC-DWG-89014...
  • Composites and Composite Materials-Image
    Composites and Composite Materials - (245 companies)
    Composites and composite materials typically consist of a matrix and a dispersed, fibrous or continuous second phase. The second phase may reinforce the material, alter electrical or magnetic properties, or enhance wear or erosion resistance...
  • Fibers and Filaments-Image
    Fibers and Filaments - (180 companies)
    Fibers and filaments consist of bulk, chopped fibers or strands and continuous monofilaments of materials and are used in reinforcing composites as well as other specialized electrical and thermal applications. Materials. Fibers and filaments...
    Video Cards - (189 companies)
    Video cards are used to regulate the data displayed on computer monitors.
    Waveguide-to-Coaxial Adapters - (50 companies)
    Waveguide-to-coaxial adapters are used to connect waveguide devices to coaxial components. How to Select Waveguide-to-Coaxial Adapters. Waveguide-to-coaxial adapters are RF adapters used to connect waveguide devices to coaxial components. What...
    Audio and Video Connectors - (346 companies)
    ...or with another device with a video input or output. Some video connectors carry video with a radio frequency (RF) signal and a coax, while others may use a multiconductor cable. Other types of video connectors may also carry audio in addition to video...
    Electrical Connectors - (2488 companies) referred to as a mixed signal and may be described as a power and control connector. These types of multi-pin connectors are used for both power and signal transmissions. Coaxial Connectors Coaxial connectors are composed of an insulated central...
    Coaxial Connectors - (456 companies)
    Coaxial connectors are composed of an insulated central conducting wire wrapped in another cylindrical conductor (the shield). The cable is usually wrapped in another insulating layer and an outer protective layer. Coaxial cables and connectors have...

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