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  • Improved Damage Tolerance Of Ti-6Al-4V Aero Engine Blades And Vanes Using Residual Compression By Design (.pdf)
    ) through-thickness compression in the leading edge of the blade and trailing edge of the vane. The HCF strength for LPB processed blades was 125 ksi (860 MPa) without FOD, and equal or greater than the as-received blades for FOD up to 0.050 in. (1.3 mm) deep - an order of magnitude improvement
  • Medical Device Link .
    A segmental compression system assesses radial strength and stiffness. Radial strength and radial stiffness are critical functional attributes in the design of endovascular devices such as stents, stent grafts, collagen plugs, embolic filters, and vena cava filters. Testing methods for determining
  • Metallurgy makes or breaks tube fittings
    . Images show Suparcase (left) and carbonitrided 316-stainlesssteel samples subjected to an ASTM B117 salt-fog test. Compression tube fittings grip and seal by compressing the nose of a ferrule into the tubing OD. To form high-integrity, leak-free connections that can be remade, ferrules must only slide
  • Using Unidirectional Glass Tapes to Improve Impact Performance
    patterns were then used in conjunction with. charges produced in the direct-long-fiber thermoplastic. (D-LFT) inline compounding (ILC) process to compression. mold both test plaques and later an actual automotive. underbody-shield part to determine the extent to which. impact performance could
  • Reducing Corrosion Fatigue And SCC Failures In 300m Steel Landing Gear Using Low Plasticity Burnishing (.pdf)
    of the landing gear are used to suppress corrosion fatigue and SCC with limited success. A method that will produce deeper compression in critical regions of landing gear will provide a dramatic improvement in foreign object damage (FOD) tolerance, corrosion fatigue strength and SCC susceptibility
  • Relating material tests to Seal Performance
    Test reports provide a wealth of information for specifying seal materials. Dan Ewing Testing material hardness, fluid compatibility, compression set, and other factors helps predict how O-rings will perform in the field. When specifying seals for hydraulic, pneumatic, and fluidhandling systems
  • Air-Coupled Acoustics: Sound PAT for Tablet Characterization
    ). Fell, J.T., Newton, J.M. Determination of Tablet Strength by Diametral-Compression Test. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 59: 688-691 (1970). Indiran, P.S., Russell, I., Syce, J.A., Neau S., et al., Sustained Release Theophylline Tablets by Direct Compression Part 1: Formulation and In Vitro
  • Effect of Surface Treatments on HCF Performance and FOD Tolerance of a Ti-6Al-4V Vane (.pdf)
    counterparts. FOD up. to 2500 mm (0.10 in.) deep was tested. The HCF. performance was largely unaffected by FOD up to. 750 mm (0.030 in.) deep. Even FOD up to 2500 mm. (0.10 in.) depth decreased the fatigue strength only. nominally. If traditional design criterion of Kt = 3 is. used, the LPB processed vane

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