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  • Tamper-evident Ring Test
    The company wished to perform a compression test on the tamper evident ring, which could measure the maximum force used to â push it offâ the cap. As the tamper-evident closures are fitted onto bottles using a compressive action, this test would provide the company with valuable information
  • Get Reliable Results From Rubber Test Data
    developed methods for testing elastomers beyond uniaxial tension and compression. * Test conditions such as conditioning, lubrication, and fixture roughness can affect test results. Finite-element analysis (FEA) is an indispensable tool for predicting a product's behavior in real-world situations
  • Compression Set and Deflection Tests
    The term compression set test is the amount, measured in percentage, by which a standard rubber test piece fails to return to its original thickness after being subjected to a standard compressive load or deflection for a fixed period of time. The set test is used to determine the quality of rubber
  • Improved Damage Tolerance Of Ti-6Al-4V Aero Engine Blades And Vanes Using Residual Compression By Design (.pdf)
    The deep stable layer of compressive residual stress produced by low plasticity burnishing (LPB) has been demonstrated in laboratory testing to improve damage tolerance in engine alloys IN718, Ti-6Al-4V, Ti-6-2-4-6, and 17-4PH. This paper describes the fatigue and FOD tolerance benefits afforded
  • Use of Residual Compression in Design to Improve Damage Tolerance in Ti-6Al-4V Aero Engine Blade Dovetails (.pdf)
    mapping techniques. LPB produced compression in the dovetail region up to a depth of 0.065 in. The HCF performance with EDM notches up to 0.040 in. deep was tested. LPB processed specimens with 0.020 in. deep EDM notch showed an endurance limit of 100 ksi, greater than that of the baseline undamaged
  • Load Cell Application - Car Door Test
    In this particular application, a car door is being tested. This test can be used to determine whether or not the door could function for a certain time period, or how long it will last before it fails. It works by using the hydraulic / pneumatic actuator to open and close the door within a given
  • Compressed Gasket Material Testing
    Phelps Compressed Gasket Materials (our famous green sheet) have been extensively tested for pressure and high temperature performance. In particular, the green sheet has undergone two tests - the DIN 52913 and the Hot Compression Test both demonstrate the high temperature resistance of the gasket
  • Texture Gradient Effects on the Mechanical Response of a Rolled Tantalum Plate (.pdf)
    a compression test.
  • Air-Coupled Acoustics: Sound PAT for Tablet Characterization
    ). Fell, J.T., Newton, J.M. Determination of Tablet Strength by Diametral-Compression Test. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 59: 688-691 (1970). Indiran, P.S., Russell, I., Syce, J.A., Neau S., et al., Sustained Release Theophylline Tablets by Direct Compression Part 1: Formulation and In Vitro
  • The Necessity Of A Plateaued Cylinder Wall Finish (.pdf)
    A detailed presentation of several test run engines with performance results of lower blow-by, increased compression, less ring and cylinder wall wear with the Flex-Hone Process. 28 pages.

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