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  • Food Processing Plant Extends Service Interval Ten Times, Eliminates Varnish Buildup with Synthetic Compressor Oil
    (one or. two months). If permitted, non-food-grade mineral oils were recommended. by compressor manufacturers to be changed at 1000 hour intervals. In. either case, normal life variations were dependent on heat rejection. values, operating temperatures, circulation rates and oil sump capacities
  • Rotary Screw Compressor Winterizing Tips
    The oil flooded rotary screw is the most popular type of air compressor used by industrial plants. However, there is still a mystique about some aspects of this type of compressor. The company featured on our website at has repaired thousands of rotary screw airends. We wanted to gather ideas from
  • Molykote (R) Synthetic Oil Extends Lubricant Lifetime by 57% in Air Compressor Application
    To understand the advantages of this premium fluid, consideration should be. given to special demands of the application. In a rotary screw compressor,. the lubricant performs several difficult functions: * Lubricating the shaft seals, bearings and rotating screws. * Removing the heat
  • Smoke & Oil Mist Detection Safeguards Against a Dangerous Visitor in Gas Compressor Stations (.pdf)
    Lubrication oil is often circulated through natural gas compressors to provide cooling and to prevent engine wear. The lube oil system is pressurized and as a result there is a high risk potential for leakage. When leaks occur the lube oil often sprays into the atmosphere producing an oil mist
  • Natural Gas Compressor System Oil Coolers Case History
    Multistage gas compression is one of the most common processes in any industrial plant. Applications vary from one industry to another and include natural gas processing, petroleum refining, and manufacturing of chemicals and end-product gases. Pressuring the gas enables it to be stored and
  • Oil-Free Screw Compressors - An Introduction to Dry Gas Sealing Systems
    Oil-free compressors are most often used in process gas applications. Hazardous, poisonous or simply dangerous gases are usually being compressed and conveyed by our screw compressors. It is critical therefore, that such conveying media be sealed against leaks to the atmosphere or, in the case
  • Applying Inverters to Centrifugal Compressors in HVAC Chillers (.pdf)
    When applying an inverter to centrifugal compressors on HVAC chillers, there are a number of factors to consider. For some compressors, lubricating oil circulation may be driven by the rotation of the compressor shaft itself, via a gear-driven pump arrangement. If you slow the motor speed
  • Ambient Air's Impact on Compressed Air System Performance
    Ambient air conditions have a. significant impact on rotary screw. air compressor and refrigerated air. dryer performance. Understanding. and managing equipment inlet air. pressure and temperature, ensuring. proper compressor room ventilation,. and managing airborne particulates,. caustic gases
  • Keep Your Compressed Air High and Dry
    remove oil and dust, but dryers are required to remove water and adjust humidity. How much water is actually in your compressed air system? The answer might surprise you. A small 100 cfm compressor and refrigeration dryer combination, operating for 4000 hours in typical northeastern U.S. climate

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