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    Liquidation Services - (77 companies)
    These professional liquidation services manage all aspects of the buying process, providing the seller with a hassle-free experience. Many liquidation services or liquidators have online stores to sell goods. The products and equipment are often sold in auctions...
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    Computers - (1671 companies)
    Computers are programmable electronic devices that accept data, execute prerecorded instructions, perform mathematical and logical operations, and output results. Image credit: National Instruments | Phoenix Contact USA | Nortech Engineering...
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    Ruggedized Computers - (303 companies)
    Ruggedized computers are similar to personal computers (PC), but they are intended for use on a factory floor or in other harsh environments. How to Select Ruggedized Computers. Ruggedized desktop. Fanless box PC. Mobile computing terminal. Image...
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    Computer Motherboards - (294 companies)
    Computer motherboards are printed circuit boards (PCBs) that house basic computer circuitry and vital components. They are devices into which other computer boards or cards are plugged. Computer motherboards manage all of the data transactions...
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    Computer Cables - (289 companies)
    How to Select Computer Cables. Computer cables are used to connect monitors, keyboards, printers, hard drives, and other peripherals to computers. Types of Computer Cables. The GlobalSpec SpecSearch database contains information about many different...
    Computer Workstations - (62 companies)
    Computer Workstations are desks, benches or racks that are specifically used to hold a computer. Computer Workstations are desks, benches, or racks that are specifically used to hold a computer. They are commonly found in office spaces, residential...
    Tablet Computers - (173 companies)
    Tablet computers are notebook computers with a liquid crystal display (LCD) on which the user can write using a special-purpose pen, or stylus. Tablet computers, also known simply as tablets, are notebook-sized mobile computers - equipped...
    Computer Power Supplies - (305 companies)
    Computer power supplies convert alternating current (AC) line to direct current (DC) line, needed by the computer. Computer power supplies are designed specifically to power computers and their peripherals. They convert alternating current (AC...
    Computer Terminals - (86 companies)
    Thin clients are network computers that are especially small so that most data processing occurs on the server. Thin clients are powered by centralized servers and do not contain CD-ROM drives, disc drives, and expansion slots. Thin clients...
    Single Board Computers (SBC) - (302 companies)
    Single board computers (SBC) serve as the motherboard for instrumentation systems including modern PCs. SBCs are composed of a microprocessor, memory chip, and serial and parallel interfaces to communicate with other devices. Processor or CPU type...

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  • Chernobyl Studies Project: Working group 7.0, Environmental transport and health effects. Progress report, March--September 1994
    … him, via Olga Tsvetkova: a copy of the input forms, he number of liquidators in the National … Dr. Shuljenko made clear that the cooperation with the U.S. was very important and requested, within that framework: the modernization of his equipment , legal software, and one-month training in the U.S. of the computer people.
  • Canada - A report on “Computer Recycling Infrastructure in Canada” (Prepared for the Environmental Affairs Branch of Industry Canada).
    Surplus trading, liquidators , salvage and recovery. Waste management companies which recycle computer equipment as part of their recycling/disposal process.
  • When and How to Use Refurbished Equipment for IT Needs
    Before buying or selling IT equipment to the secondary market, you should research the company, its reputation … Network Liquidators ( CxTec ( Great Lakes Computers ( Network Hardware Resale ( World Data Products ( .
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  • States > Wisconsin > State > Statutes > Agriculture; Foods and Drugs; Markets > 100 - Marketing; Trade Practices
    … closing-out sale if the merchandise is not of a bankrupt, insolvent, assignee, liquidator , adjuster, trustee, personal … 6) All advertising which shows or in any manner relates to the price at which motor fuel is offered for sale at retail, except multiple gallon computers attached to or forming a part of any dispensing equipment shall show only (a) the …
  • Practical and theoretical issues in 1993 concerning radiation effects on the growth of normal and neoplastic hematopoietic cells
    Computer networking as we know it in the West is virtually absent in Belarus, and cancer registries … Equipment for cytogenetic analysis is available but fairly simple, and supplies are sparse. Unfortunately, peripheral blood cells and/or bone marrow cells from liquidators (those who fought the fires and physically …
  • Federal allocation law 2002
    … context doesn't exist bestehen.147 This context when given to a supplier of computer hardware an application … … that is determined for either the partial renewal of supplied marktüblichen goods or devices or for the … … that definitively suspend its business activity or by insolvency / bankruptcy administrators or liquidators in the frame …
  • Shopping In Pliers, Wrenches & Clamps - Big Bruin
    Lumber Liquidators 10024648 - 6 Ratchet Bar Clamp/Spreader 6 Ratchet Bar Clamp/Spreader Flooring . … its USB port, the MultiMix 8 USB FX delivers better-than-CD-quality direct computer -based recording. The MultiMix 8 USB FX features four high-gain mic/line preamps, each equipped with switchable highpass filters …
  • Sell NEW Cisco Original Switch WS-C3560-24TS-S -
    Our Network Liquidators Provides Hong Kong used Cisco and Network Liquidation Services. 5000+ customers from worldwide have purchased our equipment since 2002. - Network Cards >>  Computer Hardware & Software .
  • CR4 - Thread: Backup Battery Box
    It is a hack with no warranty or "connected equipment replacement insurance" like some UPS have. It may even violate the strict terms of your computer warranty, read it to be sure. … friend excitedly showed me the new 2000Watt car amp he picked up at a traveling liquidator show.

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