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  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    . Japanese pair plans Singapore LCD fab Toshiba Corp. and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. are forming a joint venture fab in Singapore to produce low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) thin-film-transistor field-sequential LCDs, marking what they say is the first offshore LTPS operation owned by Japanese

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  • Analysis of drain ac stress‐induced hot‐carrier degradation in low‐temperature poly‐Si TFTs
    Liquid-crystal displays ( LCDs ) with integrated drivers using low- temperature poly-Si TFTs1 are already utilized in notebook personal computers , digital still cameras, and video camcorders.
  • The flowering of flat displays
    Among the newcomers are large, bright, and relatively power- efficient plasma display panels (PDPs) for wall-hung large-screen television sets and computer monitors, plus low- temperature polysilicon thin-film transistorsto … speed cholesteric liquid-crystal displays (Ch- LCDs )that reflect ambient light…
  • In‐cell capacitive‐type touch sensor using LTPS TFT‐LCD technology
    Low- temperature polysilicon (LTPS) technology offers high-resolution displays with a thin, compact, and durable module structure with a small … portable devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs, and portable personal computers .1,2 LCDs having … field of LTPS TFT- LCDs .
  • Transparent Electronics: From Synthesis to Applications
    However, low mobility ($1 cm2 VÀ1 sÀ1), amorphous silicon (a-Si) device technology [6, 7], used in liquid crystal displays ( LCDs ) [8] for laptop computers and large screen flat-panel TVs, requires processing up to 350 C. .... which drives newer organic light emitting displays (OLEDs) [10], require still higher process temperatures , $600 C. (A…
  • 2011 Index Journal of Display Technology Vol. 7
    Stability of IZO and a-Si:H TFTs Processed at Low Temperature (200 C); JDT June 2011 339-343 Kang … Based Backlight Dimming for Low Power Liquid Crystal Displays ; JDT Oct. 2011 544 … Mecha- nism in TFT- LCDs ; JDT May 2011 267 … 2011 96-104 Koss, B., and Sieber, A., Head-Mounted Display for Diving Computer Platform; JDT April…
  • Incorporation of input function into displays using LTPS TFT technology
    Along with the recent advancements and developments made in circuit-integration technology, low- temperature polysilicon (LTPS) TFT technology used for the formation of part of the display circuit on glass substrates has been put into practical use; from a simple digital circuit .... They have been used as high-resolution display devices for various types of portable applications such as cellular phones, PDAs, and mobile per- sonal computers .4 Moreover, LTPS TFT- LCDs have potential opportu- nities for new applications by circuit integration.
  • Changing the face of flat displays-the ferroelectric LCD
    …state with zero power con- sumption.PDPs are ruged operate over a wide temperature range, and can … many advantages offered by LCDs - low power consumption, low voltage operation and CMOS compat- ibility -have made them the technology of choice for many flat-panel display applications, particularly small digital … and displays for portable com- puters . LCDs now account for more…
  • Liquid crystal displays with temperature-independent characteristics
    These days, flat-panel liquid crystal displays ( LCDs ) are important, especially in the consumer electronics industry. .... LCDs are used for peripheral devices of personal computers , large-sized televisions, digital information displays (DIDs), and mobile devices.1–4 It means that … performance of LCDs is easily affected when environmental conditions change, espe- cially the ambient temperature , which is the critical…
  • Overdrive technology compensating for ambient temperature
    Liquid-crystal displays ( LCDs ) have become a universal choice for display applications regardless of their size. .... LCDs are globally used for peripheral devices of personal computers , large televisions, digital information displays (DIDs), and mobile devices.1–4 Therefore, it has become increasingly important to optimize the driving characteristics of LCDs depending on the diverse environments, especially in ambient temperatures .
  • Novel super fast response vertical alignment‐liquid crystal display with extremely wide temperature range
    Recently, liquid crystal displays ( LCDs ) have been widely used in many applications, such as mobile phones, tablet computers , digital still cameras, portable multimedia players, digital signage, and automotive and avionics displays . .... important for these LCDs to work well under any possible ambient conditions, especially in low temperature areas.