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    Boxes and Crates - (233 companies)
    Image credit: Baker Corp. | GLobal Industrial | Quantum Storage Systems Boxes and crates are rigid, typically square or rectangular containers that may include a cover. They are used for all types of handling and storage...
    Emission Concentrators - (13 companies)
    Emission concentrators route contaminants from large volume, low concentration exhaust streams into low volume, higher concentration streams, typically by use of a rotor concentrator. Emission concentrators route contaminants from large-volume...
  • Terminal and Junction Boxes-Image
    Terminal and Junction Boxes - (541 companies)
    How to Select Terminal and Junction Boxes. Terminal and junction boxes are used to house electrical components and facilitate wiring. Selection Considerations. When selecting terminal or junction boxes, correct size and adequate protection...
    Valve Boxes and Curb Boxes - (34 companies)
    Valve boxes and curb boxes are underground devices that protect valves within water, wastewater and gas utility lines. They also permit access for valve operation. Valve boxes and curb boxes telescope outwards and consist of upper and lower sections...
    Phasor Data Concentrators (PDC) - (8 companies)
    Phasor data concentrators (PDC) compile synchrophasor data from multiple sensors in an electricity grid in order to visualize power distribution, prevent power disturbances, and achieve operational efficiency.
    Tool Boxes and Tool Cabinets - (280 companies)
    How to Select Tool Boxes and Cabinets. Tool boxes and cabinets are enclosed cases for storing, organizing, and carrying tools. They are also used to protect tools from outside weather elements. Construction. Tool boxes and cabinets are generally...
    Decade Boxes and Dividers - (53 companies)
    Decade boxes and dividers provide highly accurate and digitally variable standard values of resistance, capacitance, inductance, voltage and/or current for calibration, comparison and testing. Decade boxes and dividers provide highly accurate...
    Solar Junction Boxes - (10 companies)
    Solar junction boxes are used to house solar cables. Solar junction boxes are protective enclosures that house electrical components for combination, connection, and termination for photovoltaic systems. They are also referred to as PV junction...
    Precious Metals and Alloys - (148 companies)
    Precious metals and precious alloys are rare metallic elements and alloys such as silver, gold, platinum, palladium, iridium, osmium, rhodium, and ruthenium. They posses unique characteristics that set them apart from other metals. How to Select...
    Solar Water Heaters - (195 companies)
    Solar water heaters concentrate the sun 's thermal energy to heat water for industrial, commercial, and residential use. There are two main types of products: active and passive. Solar water heaters concentrate the sun 's thermal energy to heat...

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  • Plant Cell Culture Protocols
    …mduction medium is opttmal for regeneration in wheat The callus induction medium ISsupplemented with 0 5-2 mg/L 2,4-D and 4 mg/L Ptcloram for wheat and tritordeum culture, respectively The optimal 2,4-D con- centration varies for different wheat … the plates, do not pour the medium until tt has cooled to approximately 50°C Pour approx 40 mL of medmm/9-cm tissue-culture Petri dish or 80 mL/Magenta box Therefore, 800 mL medium … sizes and sources of gold particles we use are. .... Culture of Cereals .
  • Enzyme Stabilization and Immobilization
    Silver colloids have also been synthesized and used in place of colloidal gold for this protocol (14). .... A typical platform is prepared by cutting out a 2.5 cm×2.5 cm piece of cereal box cardboard, folding it in half, cutting half- way up on the fold and then folding the two pieces created by cutting up. .... The exact volumes used will vary as the concentration of orig- inal cyt. c solution varies between…
  • Paperback for food chemists
    …fruit pastes 683 fruit juices 269, 592, 606, 619, 1018, 1049 fruit juice concentrate 606 fruit juice … cooked ham of proteins 501 gelatin 324, 551, 684 gelatin for food supplement 756 yellow blood alkali salt 330 money or custodial sentence organization of market 683 jelly-marmalade 605 gelling agents 313, 506 Gellan common to cereals 1051 to 324 gemälztes … 675 ginkgo 824, 832 ginseng 756, 824, 832 glass 888, 918, 923 glass containers 889 glasses 603 … reserves 769 Glykogenose 1015 glyphosate 343 GMK 55 GMO 9 GMP 952, 982 wallflowers 870 Good-fry…
  • Target genes and regulatory domains of the GAMYB transcriptional activator in cereal aleurone
    Figure 3(c) shows transactivation results for aleurone cells bombarded with gold particles which had been coated .... At the lower concentration , the deletion derivative GAMYB(1–276) activated transcription from the low-pI α-amylase .... GAMYB and cereal aleurone gene expression 5. .... The shaded box indicates the DNA- binding domain.
  • Effect of applying formic acid, heterolactic bacteria or homolactic and heterolactic bacteria on the fermentation of bi‐crops of peas and wheat
    …Aldrich, Gillingham, UK) or 1 × 106 cfu g−1 FW of either WholeCrop Gold (WCG) or WholeCrop .... This was because WCG was specifically designed for cereal silages, while WCL was specifically designed for legume … acids (VFA) were determined by high-performance liquid chromatography.11 WSC and starch concentrations were determined using … from thermocouple wires placed in three replicate 800 g silage samples aerated in open-top, polystyrene boxes .
  • The Rainbow Sky
    …the grating equation, glass, film, holographic, ruled, transmission, reflection, orders, substrate, coatings (aluminum, gold , silver, chromium), protective … 20 was captured using a holographically produced glass grating, blazed (groove shaped) to concentrate brightness in the .... A cereal box spectrum of a fluorescent lamp (Credit: Jerry Xiaojin Zhu).
  • Current literature in mass spectrometry
    Conlan XA, Lockyer NP, Vickerman JC*// *Univ Manchester, Sch Chem Engn & Anal Sci, Surface Anal Res Ctr, PO Box 88, Manchester M60 1QD, England Rapid Commun Mass … Chem 2006 78 (6) 1827 Nile red-adsorbed gold nanoparticle matrixes for determining … Clin Chim Acta 2006 365 (1-2) 310 Speciation analysis of elements in cereal flours by liquid … 408-412 1242 Determination of 238 U/235 U, 236 U/238 U and uranium concentration in urine us…
  • Barley BLZ1: a bZIP transcriptional activator that interacts with endosperm‐specific gene promoters
    Developing barley endosperms (15 d.a.p.) were placed on half strength MS medium and immediately bom- barded with 0.154 µg gold particles coated with 0.350 µg of GUS reporter and the appropriate concentrations of effector plasmids at a distance … specific bZIP protein that recognizes the GCN4-like motif in the bifactorial endosperm box of prolamin genes. .... (1993) A multigene family from cereals which encodes inhibitors of trypsin and heterologous α-amylases.
  • Current Awareness
    Cereal Chem 1999 76 (5) 821 [99410439] Modification of structure and digestibility of chestnut starch upon cooking … determination of pseudoephedrine in human plasma Chen HW, Fang ZL*// *Northeastern Univ, Res Ctr Analyt Sci, Chem Bldg, Box 332, CN-110006 Shenyang … digoxin antibody with colloidal gold and ferrocene for its … MS method to determine concentrations of isoflavones and their…
  • Learning Plan Networks in Conversational Video Games
    …folks, forced, fortune, foul, frankly, fred, freezing, freshest, fluity, frying, gain, garlic, gd, gladly, glitch, gold , gr,. .... bough, bouh, bould, boulders, bouncing, bouncy, bound, bounder, boundries, bouqett, bour, bourgelet, boutyou, boxing , boxy, boyfrend, boyfrien … celiac, cello, cellphone, celtic, cement, censor, centen, centerpiece, centerpieces, centre, centres, cept, cercando, cereals , cerel, ceremony, certailny … comprends, compri, compromise, compromising, comps, compue, computadora, computoers, comr, comrad, comrade, comster, comt, concentrate , concerns, conciderate, concious…