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  • Batch Controlling in Harsh Conditions
    "Strong Manufacturing" is a leading manufacturer of equipment for mixing and pumping lightweight. insulating concrete and floor underlayments. From a mixer compact enough to fit in the bed of a small pickup to a self-contained machine to mix and pump 100 yards per hour. They have the most
  • Flooring System Meets Challenges at Vaccine Pilot Plant
    the concrete floor slab from cracking, chemical attack and mechanical wear. Especially critical for pharmaceutical, medical and research facilities are the issues of sanitation and safety. Floor coatings selected for these facilities must be durable enough and thick enough to create a protective barrier
  • OSHA Directives Provide for Skylight Safety
    returned and saw him, but he was unable to reach the skylight before the child fell 22 feet to the concrete floor below where he lay unconscious in a pool of blood. The worker got passersby to call 911 and help him break into the locked building to reach the child. Luckily, the boy recovered physically
  • Polyimide 1, designers 0
    onto a concrete floor, and depth testing down to 100 ft. All these tests were easy to perform, and with the property data sheets from suppliers the designer easily pinpointed a suitable ABS resin. A more-difficult project also under development was a detection system that needed flexible sensors
  • Medical Device Link .
    , July, and November 1995, respectively). This article focuses on grounding. Perhaps no topic in electronics is as misunderstood as grounding, which usually evokes an image of a long braid snaking off to a ground post set into a concrete floor. As the following discussion makes clear, an earth ground
  • Primers or Sealers: Which One to Use and When?
    PRIMERS WILL: * provide an absorbent and strong bonding surface for the adhesive to grab. * prep a concrete sub floor for adhesives after roughing it with a mechanical treatment. * create a dust-free surface for a strong adhesive bond
  • Air casters 101
    casters can wear grooves in concrete and epoxy floors, and moderately heavy loads being wheeled on casters can break through
  • Infrared Applications for Post Construction Radiant Heating Systems
    This paper will review and discuss the benefits of infrared thermography as its technology applies to the investigations and inspections of various in-floor (interior) and concrete slab (interior and exterior) radiant heating systems, both electrical and fluid systems. The purpose of this paper
  • Hydronic Snowmelting Essentials (.pdf)
    kill nearby plants, increase building cleanup as they're tracked inside and, over time, seriously degrade floor surfaces, concrete and asphalt. In essence, using radiant heat is a "greener" approach to melting snow and ice.
  • Redesigning the design department
    Useful additions to CAD software are coming so fast, it makes sense to rethink design workflows. The concrete busting machine from Sweden-based Brokk was modeled and analyzed for its range of motion in Autodesk Inventor. Features in the software help minimize errors and improve overall product

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