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  • Medical Device Link .
    many things. Some use the term , whereas others refer to them as (a rare and unusual stretch). Industry suppliers favor terminology that reflects the technology used in their own products. For example, to the conductive-rubber-boot suppliers, a keyboard is a , whereas flexible-membrane keyboard
  • K 2004: Oktoberfest of polymers
    Innovations highlight world's largest plastics fair. Engineering thermoplastic vulcanates (ETPV) from DuPont combine characteristics of cross-linked rubbers and thermoplastic elastomers. The new material resists oil and grease over a wide temperature range, making it suitable for automotive
  • Bright ideas
    sources feature low-power consumption (10 to 25 mA), last up to 100,000 hr, have zero impact on the tactile feel of elastomeric keys, and can backlight a larger area than surface-mount LEDs. Conductive pads are printed on the underside of the fiber-optic panel and, when integrated with rubber keypads
  • Weigh the Risks in Outsourcing Decisions
    the importance of specifying the right package. " "During a call on a start-up company client, someone from the company handed me a rubber stopper and said, 'I want some of these,' " McMillan says. "It was just a plain rubber stopper they'd gotten from someone down the street. " After taking it back to the lab
  • Seven Versatile Sealing Materials
    These polymers are the materials of choice for most seals and gaskets. Parts molded from natural rubber, EPDM, and SBR handle a range of automotive applications. Extruded and molded polymer parts handle a wide range of sealing applications. Designing the right seal involves several key criteria
  • How to Drive Resistive Tactile Sensors
    bite with respect to time. Since the 1980s, the technology has been further refined and applications have emerged in such areas as conformal ergonomics, large metalstamping machines, small electronic connections, and even soft-rubber door seals. One such tactile sensor is called a FlexiForce sensor

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