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  • Conductivity Level Switches
    Conductivity switches are solid-state devices that detect the presence or absence of electrically conductive liquids. They do so by sending a small current through their probe tip. Current flowing between the sensor and some reference (often the metal tank holding the liquid) is compared inside
  • Influence of Temperature on Electrical Conductivity of Diluted Aqueous Solutions
    As conductivity is temperature dependent, all values reported in the major cycle chemistry guidelines are specified for a standard temperature of 25 °C. For this reason, most current conductivity monitors have an integrated temperature sensor and offer algorithms to convert measured values
  • Conductivity Measurement: Critical for Clean-In-Place Systems
    There are two main types of sanitary conductivity sensors contacting and inductive. Contacting sensors bring the measurement electrodes into contact with the solution to be measured. This can be a problem if the solution can foul or corrode the electrodes. Inductive sensors are non-contacting
  • Infrared Sensor Graphic Interface PVC Sheet Material
    transmitter that provides multiple TOC and conductivity measurements in a user-configurable multiparameter instrument platform. The instrument features low detection limits with fast and continuous response, providing complete, accurate, and reliable data. The sensor technology makes system installation
  • Improved Method for CO2 Measurements
    drink. An improved method of measuring CO2 uses thermal conductivity technology to. measure the "true" amount of CO2 in beverages independent of other gases. Hach Ultra has. developed and patented a TC (thermal conductivity) sensor with no moving parts or drift.
  • Sensing Secrets Fall to Multiphysics Analysis
    sensor developer in Schenectady, N.Y. To gauge the density of such construction materials as asphalt and soil, its devices measure electromagnetic properties that include conductivity and permittivity. The design of these sensors employs FEA software called Comsol Multiphysics 3.4 from "The FEA
  • Speed of Response Curves (.pdf)
    to provide a basis of comparison. In temperature transducers, the time constant is defined as the time required, in seconds, for the temperature sensor to respond through 63.2% of the total temperature change. The factors affecting the response rate of a temperature probe in a fluid are: a) The mass
  • If these walls could talk...
    is a blend of sensor fusion, signal processing, wireless technology, and basic building materials that will report building conditions to a remote operator. The prototype has a thermistor, two-axis accelerometer, multiplexer, transmitter, antenna, and a battery hidden inside a brick. It can monitor

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