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  • A Digital Constant Current Power LED Driver
    AN1138 A Digital Constant Current Power LED Driver drive current for this type of LED would be 350 mA and Author: Stephen Bowling a typical forward voltage would be 3.5V. Secondly, we Microchip Technology Inc. will assume that the circuit input voltage is 12V. The inductor value will be chosen
  • Increase the Number of Series White LEDs with a "Constant Voltage" OVP Circuit
    A unique over-voftage protection (OVP) circuit is presented for use with the AAT123I, an inductive boast con. stant current wtute LED driver.. The circuit allows transition from constant current to constant voilage at the. OVP threshold, maintaining the programmed output voltage and current during
  • Circut Ideas: LED driver lights three LED strings and provides constant voltage supply
    of producing regulated electrical power. This eliminates the need for extra circuitry otherwise used with a separate power supply. In the accompanying diagram, an LT3476 drives three constant-current RGB LED strings. Its fourth channel serves as a constant-voltage source. A typical application
  • High Voltage, Life Critical, Glove Inflator Redesign
    A prospective customer approached the Field team with a request for a quote on a fastener. Prior to quoting the fastener, Field requested to walk the customer's production floor to review the application of the fastener. The current design required the operator to count out six stainless steel
  • Optimizing Low Voltage Buck DC/DC Converter Efficiency
    by the control circuitry quiescent current. In some instances, lnjit load noise requiremenl:s may supercede efficiency requirements. For Ihis type of appli. cation, constant frequency PWM may be necessary for all load conditions.
  • Tips for selecting relays
    Relays from Magnecraft & Struthers-Dunn come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and ratings including socket or DIN-rail mountable versions. Capacitive loads want to remain at constant voltage. When the contacts are closed, a current surge can weld the contacts together. Inductive loads want to keep
  • Offline UPS Reference Design Using the dsPIC DSC (.pdf)
    (steps up the DC battery voltage to a constant high-voltage DC) 2)Full-Bridge Inverter (converts DC voltage to a sinusoidal AC output) 3)Flyback Switch Mode Charger (current source and charges battery with constant current)
  • Thermistor Glossary
    Current-time characteristic: The current-time characteristic is the relationship at a specified ambient temperature between the current through a thermistor and time, upon the application or interruption of voltage to it. Dissipation constant (D.C. or delta ): The dissipation constant is the ratio
  • DC/DC Conversion
    Closed loop control with linear regulators. Often the voltage source is "incompatible" with the load. A buffer needs to be placed between the source and load to regulate or control the voltage and/or current. Linear regulators provide closed loop control to "regulate" the voltage at the load
  • Application Note: Driving Color RGB LEDs with the AAT3123
    (VF) for the red, green, and blue LEDs. When driven from a common 60mA (ID = 20mA per LED) constant current source, the red LED element of an RGB LED typically has a forward voltage of about 2V. The green and blue LEDs have forward voltage levels of about 3.6V.
  • Lead Acid Battery Charger using the PIC14C000
    ); however, the charge parameters are easily modified to work with different lead-acid batteries. The typical method of charging lead-acid batteries is with a constant voltage, current-limited source. That method allows a high initial charge current that tapers off until the battery reaches full

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