Products/Services for Consultant Hourly Billing Software

    Billing Software - (49 companies)
    ...listings, hourly activity breakdowns, and codes relevant to different products and services. Reports and notifications: Look for software with the ability to provide detailed reports related to billing and invoicing. Also, notifications...
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    Bill of Materials (BOM) Software - (13 companies)
    Bill of materials software provides a paperless solution to help standardize, control, and automate the bill of materials generation and part procurement process. A bill of materials (BOM) is used to manage a list of components used to build...
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    Energy Management Software - (117 companies)
    Energy management software is designed to help manage energy usage and utility bills. Products may be sold as individual or customized modules, or bundled together in turnkey systems and multi-solution platforms. Applications. Energy management...
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  • Medical Software-Image
    Medical Software - (315 companies)
    Medical and healthcare software is used in hospitals, clinics, and related facilities. This category includes software used to control and monitor medical devices, and software used for medical practice management and patient billing. Medical...
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    Invoice Software - (26 companies)
    Invoice software is used to create, print, and send invoices to customers for payment. Typically, an invoice contains information such as the item quantity, product or service description, unit cost, and client billing address. Invoicing software...
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    Accounting Software - (86 companies)
    ...such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and trial balance. Accounting software may also include modules for general ledger, billing, stock or inventory, and sales and purchase orders. Additional accounting software modules may include debt...
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    VoIP Software - (52 companies)
    VoIP software is used to conduct telephone-like voice conversations across IP-based networks. Voice over IP (VoIP) systems use Internet Protocol (IP) signaling, a general term for a group of telephony technologies, to transmit voice traffic over...
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    Retail Software - (43 companies)
    Retail software is used by small-to-medium size businesses to calculate taxes, manage inventory, run payroll, and determine pricing. Users include point of sales (POS) stores, retail outlets, and warehouses. Types of Retail Software. There are two...
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    Scheduling Software - (68 companies)
    Scheduling Software is Software used to program and schedule processes and tasks. Scheduling software is used to program and schedule processes and tasks. These programs help in relieving the daily pressures of creating shifts, coverage for absences...
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    Scanning Software - (299 companies)
    Scanning software is used with optical and document scanners or with other imaging equipment to digitize, create, edit and evaluate images. Document scanners are devices that scan two-dimensional (2D) objects and convert them into digital images...
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  • Human-Centered Software Engineering
    The Time & Material (T&M) billing is done using an agreed hourly rate based on consultants ’ time spent and other costs such as software and infrastructure.
  • International distribution
    Service concept, e.g. for 24- hour -service or the replacement partial nature information technology and communication .... Economy account : business plan (five-year plan with pessimistic, realistic and optimistic scenario), break-Even account … of important cost blocks for creation, initiation PC, laptop, smartphone, travel, advertising, office material, software licenses, communication fees, maintenance … cars), insurances, revision costs, adviser fees etc.
  • The Implementation of the District Health Information System in Mtwara and Lindi Regions in Tanzania
    The junior associates were not given a “training account” to bill the hours they used for learning the new software to, nor were they provided with any examples of how or why to use the system. .... They found it hard to justify the spending of 3000 USD (amount of hours estimated for training multiplied with hourly pay for the consultants ) to any of their clients for them to learn a system that they were not even sure what…
  • Successfully, base one software-Startup
    Or when Your Japanese partner doesn't want to pay the last account over two million euro because one of its customers sees Patent Laws injured through Your software , you must then, the best lawyers to get themselves for a case before a .... Neither hourly rates nor "chemistry" plays then a role. .... How do you get now, who is good and who matches you as adviser or service provider?
  • BQE Software manages project | Remodeling | Software, Construction Software, Change Orders, Accounting
    It is designed for professionals who bill in a variety of ways — fixed fee, time and expense, hourly billing , and contractual billing. .... Managers can use the software to track time and expenses and produce reports for project and office .... The software also includes an add-on component to link remote employees and consultants via the Web…
  • Management Engineering: A Guide to Best Practices for Industrial Engineering in Health Care
    As a subcontractor, you will have to accept a lower hourly billing rate, but it is likely you will be able to bill more hours per week since you have little or no marketing time. .... More commonly, you will be the consultant . .... If your skill set is tied to a software system, you may be able to find out…
  • Web-based decision-support system methodology for smart provision of adaptive digital energy services over cloud technologies
    …operators and other decision-makers in managing various energy loads, by using specific software tools and IT .... Real-time or daily analysis of hourly energy or utility consumption data (water, gas) allows key users … an EIS, an impact evaluation would have to be postponed until the monthly utility bill has arrived. .... Consumers’ interaction with energy consultants will be a valuable step into implementing efficiently European Union policies in…
    Payments are linked to outputs (deliverables), such as reports, drawings, bills of quantities, bidding documents, and software programs. .... for which the completion period may vary, or because the input of the consultants required to attain .... Payments are based on agreed hourly , daily, weekly, or monthly rates for staff (who are normally named…
  • Business Principles for Legal Nurse Consultants
    In addition to the cost of software and training, there is the intangible cost of the amount … polished Website with 6 to 10 pages of content, take the business’ usual hourly rate and multiply … a developer or designer, it will almost certainly have less impact on the billable time than if .... Business Principles for Legal Nurse Consultants .
  • Basic course IT project controlling
    It requires the detailed feedbacks over Being costs (license fees, adviser - accounts , and other the hour detections of employees). .... methods, the general basic principles that are to observe by the effort estimate of software projects apply.