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  • Flexible Multibody Dynamics
    … 585 virtual velocity ſeld, 585 Component mode synthesis, 484–485 Components of a vector, 6 Composition of rotations, 124–127, 518, 523, 530 Conſguration constraint, 362 Conſguration space, 258 Conformal rotation vector, 539 Conservative force … … 432, 441, 444, 446 Continuous friction law, 89 Contravariant … … Curvilinear coordinates, 32 Cylindrical coordinates, 54 Cylindrical joint, 415 D’Alembert’s principle, 295–303, 385 Dashpot constant, 70 rectilinear …
  • Vibro-Impact Dynamics
    These include lumped and continuous systems. Lumped systems cover a bouncing ball on an oscillating barrier, mass-spring- dashpot systems, normal and inverted pendulums, the spherical pendulum, the ship roll motion against icebergs, joints with free- play, rotor-stator rubbing in rotating machinery, vocal folds, microactuators, strings, beams …
    By applying a rotational grounded dashpot on the hub, the elastic vibrations of the wooden arm are … This will especially affect the amplitude of finger force profile and the successive post-impact oscillations, as shown in Figure 5.9; however, due to continuous action of the damper in … … negative directions of the hub rotation , the time of the …
  • Experimental evidence of non-standard bifurcations in non-smooth oscillator dynamics
    boundaries in the phase space: (a) continuous contact with a unique disc; (b) continuous double contact with … and to a linearly viscous dashpot of damping coeffi- cient c; its angular rotation θ at the actual time t with respect to the unstressed position is denoted by x(t) which is assumed positive if counterclockwise.
  • Journal of Aircraft > Kinetic Model of Landing Mat Performance
    Also, the equations assume continuous springs and dashpots , which im- plies that the transverse joints are closed initially and sub- sequent horizontal forces simply compress the mat more tightly. In the event of rotation , however, the prototype mat joints can partially open with no longitudinal or …
  • Energy evolution in complex impacts with friction
    A continuous force model for the impact analysis of flexible multi-body system. Mech Mach Theory, 1987, 22: 213–224 12 Yigit A S, Ulsoy A G, Scott R A. Spring- dashpot models for the dy- namics of a radially rotating beam with impact.
  • Rocking of slender rigid bodies allowed to uplift
    It seems that uplift tends to decrease the rocking acceleration, but the rotation can be larger or … The analysis was limited to two types of foundations: the continuous elastic foundation with viscous damping (the well-known Winkler model) and a two-spring foundation in which the structure is supported by two springs and dashpots symmetrically placed under the base.
  • | Open Access | OMICS Publishing Group
    Load-deformation model: The oil sands load-deformation model is created as a continuous system with a … … a unit model with two DOFs, which have been idealized to a simple mass-spring- dashpot system. This unit will undergo translation (bounce) and rotation (pitch).
  • Motorcycle technique
    By a braking operation, the brake pressure of the hand or foot braking cylinder acts first on the brake calipers ( brake wheel cylinder ) and the expansion piston. The wheel rotation is again stable, the pressure of liquid is continually increased in the system while 2 braking liquid into the braking circulation is pumped back via the high-pressure pump P by now open valve.
  • Dynamical Systems
    1994) Continuous contact force models for impact analysis in multibody systems. 1990) Spring- dashpot models for the dynamics of a radially rotating beam with impact.