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  • Getting A Grip On Clutch And Brake Selection
    to control rotary motion without shutting down a motor, such as in automobiles, copiers, packaging equipment, and machine tools. Although these clutches are found everywhere, few engineers learn anything about them in college. It is only when designers face a specific problem in controlling rotary
  • Fitting Motion For Your Application
    Just as there is no one ideal golf swing that works for everyone-there are too many individual variations in grip, stance, backswing, downswing and follow-through for a single solution-there is no one-size-fits-all approach to motion control for stepper motors and electronic controls that works
  • Medical Device Link .
    Fluid-dispensing workstation enhances assembly process control A dispenser of adhesives and other fluids that are used in catheter assembly has been engineered to maximize yields, contain costs, and provide good process control. Available from EFD International Inc. (Dunstable, Beds, UK
  • Metallurgy makes or breaks tube fittings
    . Images show Suparcase (left) and carbonitrided 316-stainlesssteel samples subjected to an ASTM B117 salt-fog test. Compression tube fittings grip and seal by compressing the nose of a ferrule into the tubing OD. To form high-integrity, leak-free connections that can be remade, ferrules must only slide
  • Infrared Sensor Graphic Interface PVC Sheet Material
    site-flatness measurement precision offers chipmakers good control of polishing, which improves yields of fine-line-geometry devices. The multigenerational tool has automated noncontaminating edge-grip wafer-handling capability and supports the ITRS at the 90-, 65-, and 45-nm nodes. In addition
  • DSPs go heavy duty
    Digital signal processors, long used in cell phones, now handle much bigger heavy equipment. Heavy-equipment controls, as highlighted in this phantom view, consist of one integrated system automatically regulating the operation of the entire machine. An operator moving a single set of joysticks
  • Going into Shocks
    suppliers to NASCAR; Bilstein and /hlins are the other two. Oversteer (loose) is when the rear of a car wants to trade places with the front in a turn. In other words, the car lacks grip in the rear and has an excessive amount int he front. A typical fix for races on oval tracks is to reduce
  • 2001 Saab 9-3 SE convertible
    capable of 2 million calculations per second to control the direct ignition, fuel injection, turbo boost pressure, and the electronic drive-by-wire throttle, eliminating turbo lag. However, trying to get a closer look at the powerplant is an exercise in futility. The engine compartment is loaded

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