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  • How to Choose a Control Valve
    The control valve is the most important single element in any fluid handling system, due to the fact that it regulates the flow of a fluid in that system. System operating efficiency is directly related to the proper sizing of the control valve. If the valve is oversized, controllability
  • Selecting the Proper Pressure Control Valve
    Before deciding on the appropriate diaphragm pressure control valve for your application, it is important to first understand some of the basic uses of these devices. Gaining a better understanding of how a pressure control valve works, and determining how one can best suit your specific
  • Control valve actuators: Their impact on control and variability
    Electric control valve actuators provide excellent performance and are ideal for oil and gas wells in remote production fields...
  • How Electric Control Valve Actuators Can Eliminate the Problems of Compressed Air as a Power Medium
    Today, a major technological advance is available that can help control valve users avoid many of the problems and inefficiencies associated with using compressed air as a power medium.
  • Severe Service Control Valve Trim
    Reducing and controlling the effects of valve cavitation, flashing, and noise.
  • Automatically Material Fluid Control Valve
    Volume requires Automatic Feeding of all parts, Automatically Assembling all parts and applying a Measured amount of Silicone Sealant to each Part while maintaining a Maximum Output.
  • Control Valve Solutions for Critical Power Applications
    The valve was designed to supply 750#/hour with one set of jets in service, and 1500#/hour with two sets of jets in service. The original sizing of the orifice was ¼", however evaluation of the flow characteristics showed that the flow with two jets in service was reaching >90% of the valve opening
  • Rotork electric valve control contributes to Coca-Cola Enterprises' environmental improvements
    Rotork CVA electric control valve actuation technology is helping Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) to increase efficiency and reduce energy costs at its Wakefield production plant.
  • Electronic Valve Application Guide (.pdf)
    Valve sizing cannot be accurate without firm understanding of the hydronic system. While valves are the final control element, the balancing, coil sizing, coil response curve, and the piping losses all play a role in accurate sizing. A control valve cannot be properly sized without full analysis
  • Valve cover is a collaborative success story
    adding weeks to the project. ), share design ideas with manufacturing engineers in Asia and head off a potentially expensive design error. The U.S. design team had shaped a cover for a new control valve that had negative connotations in the Asian community. The redesign was a simple matter
  • Severe Service Valve (SSV) Solves Complex Problems
    PotashCorp needed to automate a positive displacement pumping system which would require a control valve to operate at a continuous high pressure differential. The discharge piping in their mine rises over 1000 meters to the surface, so the operating pressure can vary significantly based
  • Energy Saving Control Valves
    control valve actuation. This discussion will show comparisons between two methodologies, and will assist the reader in making better-informed decisions about control valve actuation.
  • Valve actuation and control in the modern refinery
    The Reliance refinery at Jamnagar in India is one of the largest single refinery sites in the world and virtually all of its valves are motorised with Rotork actuators. Almost 3000 Rotork IQ intelligent valve actuators were installed during the construction of the original refinery, tank farm

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