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    Tension Meters - (71 companies)
    Tension meters are instruments that measure tension in cable, fiber, belts and webs, or sheets. Cable or fiber meters are designed to measure tension of circular cross-section elements. Strap or belt meters are designed for elements whose...
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    Conveyor Belts - (476 companies)
    Conveyor belts are used in a wide variety of material transport applications such as manufacturing, food processing, and heavy industry. Belt construction and belt materials are often application-specific. Conveyor belts are a continuous loop...
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    Flat Belts - (200 companies)
    Flat belts are used in transmission and conveying systems. They feature transmission efficiency, cost effectiveness and ease of installation and use. Typical belt applications include conveyors, machine tools, and heavy industrial equipment. Flat...
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    Web Tension Sensors - (40 companies)
    ...controls, port type, and features. Analog meters, digital readouts, and video displays are common display types. Controls can be adjusted manually or programmed with a computer. Web tension sensors with analog front panels include potentiometers, dials...
    Curtain Coaters - (19 companies)
    ...pre-metering, the precise coating amount needed for any substrate is calculated before beginning the process. This takes into account the ratio of the flow rate volume and substrate width to the speed at which it moves on the conveyor belt. The ability...
    Belt and Chain Tensioners - (82 companies)
    Belt and chain tensioners are used in machinery and equipment, automobiles, bicycles, conveyor belts, and numerous other applications. The following video shows the operation of an automatic chain and belt tensioner. Video credit: ROSTA AG...
    Tensiometers and Surface Tension Meters - (65 companies)
    ...a tensiometers or surface tension meter is used to schedule crop irrigation by measuring the amount of water in a field. A digital tensiometer is a surface tension measuring instrument can also be used for educational and industrial applications...
    Industrial Conveyors - (2292 companies)
    ...machinery that transport bulk materials or discrete units from one place to another at a controlled rate. There are two main conveyor technologies: bulk material and unit handling. There are also many different conveyor types. Belt conveyors are the most...
    Conveyor Sprockets - (92 companies)
    Conveyor sprockets (mill sprockets, engineering class sprockets, engineered sprockets) are used in conjunction with conveyor chains or conveyor belts. They are toothed gears or profiled wheels that mesh with a conveyor chain or belt to transmit...
    Scales and Balances - (941 companies)
    This is frequently used in belt conveyor systems and roadside trailer weighstations. Software -- A scale comes with associated computer software to help users interface with the scale. Ramps: The load platform is easy to load/unload by the use...

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