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  • Coil Cord Innovation
    Take a close look at industrial automation or military systems, and youâ ll probably see a coil cord or two. You may not give them a second thought, but you should. These retractable power and signal cords can play an outsize role in improving the entire systemâ s performance and reliability.
  • Impact of Blade Servers on the Critical Power System
    Over a span of five to six years, most servers have moved to dual-corded power input design. This change came about to improve Data Centre resilience, this is, to improve the Nines of availability, in case one chord failed. However, now that each cord is lightly loaded, transmitting only 50 per
  • Smart Computing Article - Graphics, Video & TV Cards
    tightly. If the monitor has a separate power cord (one that is not permanently affixed to the monitor), make sure that the cord is connected firmly to the power source. If the monitor is working fine, then it s time
  • Unlocking New Benefits by Combining Full Gigabit Ethernet with PoE+
    Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a very exciting technology that has made it much easier and cost-effective to deliver power to distributed end devices. By cutting the power cord, PoE allows system builders to deliver power to a broader range of devices at a more efficient cost. PoE+ further extends
  • Assessing Old Machinery
    If you have old drain cleaning equipment, you had better make sure you check out the machines before you use them. Older machines don't have the safety features of the newer drain cleaners. Check that the grounding prong on the power cord is in place. Do not use an adapter plug. You
  • Belts and Pulleys Glossary
    of a larger circle. A cycloidal drive replaces conventional gears with an eccentric internal cam which takes a cycloidal path inside a fixed housing; the result is a reduction in speed. Denier: A measure of weight of a reinforcing cord equal to grams per 9000 meters Durometer: A common measure
  • Smart Computing Article - Speakers & Headphones
    subwoofer. Try moving the power cord from the power surge protector, if it's plugged into one, and plug it directly into a wall outlet. Move your cables and check to see that they are making a good connection. Finally, if you disconnect your stereo cable from the sound card and the loud hum goes away
  • Smart Computing Article - Basic Troubleshooting- Routers & Hubs
    cable (or DSL [Digital Subscriber Line]) modem doesn t have a reset button, you can probably reset it by unplugging the power cord from the device for a few minutes.

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  • Physics
    You use therefore always two different designations for the cable forces on both sides of the roller.
  • Technical mechanism
    the cable force FS in the cable 1, b) .