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  • Wire EDM Reduces Machining Time and Increases Accuracy
    machining equipment. So, when Tooling Supervisor John Ashton went searching for an alternative, he went to a source he had come to trust over the past 10 years-Mitsubishi EDM. The company recently installed a new FA10S wire EDM unit, followed just weeks later by an EA12V sinker machine. Ashton says
  • Multilayer Baluns Break Wire-Wound Size Barrier (.pdf)
    These new baluns not only do away with the ferrite core and size of wire-wound components, they also shave the manufacturing, design, and performance trade-offs associated with traditional transformers.
  • Accounting for lost motion
    Backlash and deflection are critical factors when designing mechanical control cables. Cable Manufacturing & Assembly Co. Mechanical control cables feature either a solid-wire or wire-cable core housed within a conduit. They provide a simple and reliable method to activate throttles, latches
  • Medical Device Link . Design Considerations for EMI Gaskets Selecting the proper EMI gasket is a complex task that requires careful examination of all criteria.
    to their material composition. Wire mesh gaskets are composed of tin-plated, copper-clad steel or Monel wire that has been knitted on industrial knitting machines and formed into circular or rectangular cross sections. In other versions, the wire is knitted over a silicone or neoprene sponge core
  • Medical Device Link .
    Custom manufactured for individual applications, woven wire mesh filters and perforated metal products are supplied in a range of sizes and configurations. Suited for engineering, processing, and OEM applications, the filters can be produced to customer specifications. Design and development
  • Transformer Basics (.pdf)
    in the manufacture of layer-wound transformer coils. A layer-wound coil consists of single layers of wire separated by layers of insulation. Here, the insulation serves a dual purpose: it is a support platform for the wire and electrical isolation from parts having opposite polarity and other conductive materials
  • What is a Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD)?
    of fine coiled wire wrapped around a ceramic or glass core. The element is usually quite fragile, so it is often placed inside a sheathed probe to protect it. The RTD element is made from a pure material whose resistance at various temperatures has been documented. The material has a predictable change
  • Medical Device Link .
    EQUILASERS INC. (Sunnyvale, CA) has introduced a self-contained laser station for spot welding, seam welding, wire welding, and reflow soldering. The system sits on a bench with a footprint of approximately 3 x 5 ft. At the workstation's core is the Equilaser EDW-15, a 15-W Nd:YAG laser welder
  • Application: Planar Transformers for Military and Aerospace Applications
    space and weight savings are vital. Aside from their footprint, height, and weight, they also have the ideal power density for high frequency. applications. In general, they are better than. traditional wire-wound transformers for a given. power rating. Managing heat from components are key
  • Medical Device Link .
    Laser Processing Equipment and Services Contract UV laser micromachining services for a variety of applications range from semiconductor wafer processing to biomedical and blue LED scribing. The company s core capabilities include expertise in processing materials at UV wave-lengths of 355, 351
  • Coreless DC Motors
    cylindrical coil wound of copper wire and located in the center of the stator. A mechanical time constant of 1 msec is not unusual for this type of motor. Rotors are typically wound in a skewed or honeycomb pattern (also known as Faulhaber winding) to ensure that all of the core helps produce torque

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  • Wire Ropes
    As far as fibre- core wire ropes are concerned, a large diameter reduction occurs and this is mainly due to the compression of the core.
  • Thermal Spray Fundamentals
    582 9.3.2 Cored Wires . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Metal Cored Wire ........................................................56 .
    The flux cored wires used for this process give it different character- istics.
  • Wire Ropes
    As far as fibre- core wire ropes are concerned, a large diameter reduction occurs and this is mainly due to the compression of the core.