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  • Traffic Safety Equipment-Image
    Traffic Safety Equipment - (377 companies)
    ...made of reinforced concrete are often used to secure buildings from an intentional or accidental vehicle impact. Traffic safety equipment is used to manage routine, daily traffic on roadways and highway systems. A traffic light or signal...
  • Light Emitting Diodes (LED)-Image
    Light Emitting Diodes (LED) - (623 companies)
    ...and traffic lighting, as well as lighting for some lamps and torches. Most light emitting diodes function in the near infrared and visible ranges, though there are now UV LEDs as well. LEDs Compared to Other Light Sources. LEDs sport a number...
    Light Sticks - (9 companies)
    A light stick (glow stick) is a short-term, disposable light source that consists of chemicals that react to create chemiluminescence. Light sticks, more commonly called glow sticks, are self-contained light sources that produce light via...
  • Light Guides-Image
    Light Guides - (125 companies)
    Light guides conduct the flow of light from a light source to a point of use in areas that are too small or too hazardous to permit the installation of a light bulb. There are two basic types of light guides: liquid and fiber optic. Light guides...
  • Light Sensor Chips-Image
    Light Sensor Chips - (36 companies)
    Light sensor chips convert light into electrical signals which are then conditioned to produce a desired electrical output. They are sometimes called light-to-frequency chips, light-to-voltage chips, or ambient light sensors. Light sensor chips...
    Light Towers - (69 companies)
    ...use in forward operating bases (FOB). Major sporting events utilize light towers when additional safety measures are taken to account for increased pedestrian traffic inside the venue or outside the area. In addition, transportation improvement...
    Light Curtains - (224 companies)
    Light curtains are photoelectric transmitters that project infrared beams to a receiver. They are used to guard openings and work spaces in or around machinery. When an opaque object interrupts the infrared beam, a stop signal is sent...
    Low Light Cameras - (153 companies)
    ...they are also used in machine-vision applications with limited illumination. Traffic cameras are frequently cameras optimized to capture details--like license plates--in low light situations, as well as in-dash cameras used by police. Scientific uses for low...
    Light Curtain Controllers - (52 companies)
    Light curtain controllers send stop signals to machines that are guarded by light curtains, photoelectric transmitters that project an array of synchronized, parallel infrared light beams to a receiver. When an opaque object interrupts one or more...
    Optical and Light Microscopes - (267 companies)
    Optical and light microscopes use the visible or near-visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to magnify images of objects. There are two basic types of devices. Stereo microscopes use two light paths for three-dimensional (3D) viewing...

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  • Contributors
    Operating from his London office, he is in charge of all marketing of Crouse - Hinds construction materials, outdoor and avia- tion lighting , and traffic control products in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.
  • Airfield lighting ‐ Barring incursion
    Crouse ‐ Hinds Airport Lighting in the US has developed three new runway incursion protection fittings: the elevated stop bar light, inset stop bar, and insert runway guard lights for traffic control on taxiways joining active runways.
  • Hanford Atomic Products Operation monthly report, October 1954
    Preventive maintenance was performed at the Community House on lighting equipment Freventive maintenance was performed on al_ Crouse - Hinds traffic con- trollers° Defective track bonding was repaired to railroad signals at Van Giesen and Bypass Highway.
  • Update: US airfield upgrade enables Galaxy operations
    Aside from the runway alterations (which had to be carried out while allowing general aviation traffic to land and takeoff), the project involved the installation of … … system with runway alignment indicator; an ILS localiser antenna array; light -emitting diode taxiway edge … … Jaquith Industries In-pavement lights Multi-Electric MALSR shelter & equipment Provided by the FAA Navaids design subcontractor Burns Group LED taxiway light general contractor Atlantic Contracting & Material Co Inc LED taxiway edge lights Cooper Crouse - Hinds Runway and taxiway signage …
  • Demonstration Assessment of Light Emitting Diode (LED) Commercial Garage Lights In the Providence Portland Medical Center, Portland, Oregon
    ƒ Parking space length: 15 feet ƒ Width of traffic lane: 24 feet ƒ Garage operating hours … Crouse - Hinds Lighting .
    … Consortium says the system will have provisions for future integration with other air traffic control systems and … … generated by ASDE‐3 surface detection radar onto a screen which also indicates the lighting being used for … As you can see the aircraft you can direct the route by selectively by activating different lighting segments" says Seward Ford, manager computer systems for Crouse Hinds Airport Lighting Products.
  • Urban Traffic Operations/Traffic light - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
    Conventional traffic signal lighting , still common in some areas, utilizes a standard light bulb. Crouse - Hinds is one notable company for this practice.
  • Aspects of the history of traffic signals
    The Crouse - Hinds Company, long astalwart in thefield of railroad signaling, made its entry into the automotive traffic signal business aboutthistime. That installationconsisted of a number of lighting units whichweredesignedforotherpurposesbut n-hichwere installed on towers and controlled by …
  • Intelligent ground solutions
    … "excellent accuracy and target separation", capable of maintaining aircraft identification labels of dense traffic on the ground. … Airport Solutions is a subsidiary of Transtech Control, an Israeli supplier of airfield lighting control and monitoring … The company has more than 140 installations in 80 countries, working with airfield lighting supply companies including Crouse - Hinds and Philips.
  • Past section meetings
    Washington Modern Control for Traffic Signals, by K W. Mackall, Crouse - Hinds Co. of Lighter -Than-Air .