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  • Spring Cleaning for Crude Oil Tanks
    A case study from Kazakhstan illustrates why a complete system solution is the. best approach to crude oil tank cleaning.
  • Rheology of Crude Oil at High Pressure
    The oil industry faces a retrieval process that is. extremely costly and difficult. Oil exploration and. retrieval efforts must overcome the complex flow issues,. or rheology, of the crude oil. It is known that. oil is extracted from subterranean-level wells. The. complexity of this process arises
  • Crude Oil Waxes, Emulsions, and Asphaltenes
    Crude Oil Waxes, Emulsions, and Asphaltenes. Oilfield waxes and emulsions are petroleum byproducts that increase costs of production, transportation and refining. This book explains the physical chemical problems associated with waxes and emulstions, and the new technologies for treatment of them.
  • SWIR Cameras Can See Through Crude Oil
    The behaviour of small water drops falling through a viscous oil, can be investigated by using a SWIR camera. In the infrared spectrum from 900 to 1700 nm, any crude oil is nearly transparent. Why should one be interested in looking at water drops in oil?
  • Increasing Safety and Pumping Efficiency in a Crude Oil Refinery
    CAS DataLoggers recently provided the automated data logging solution for a crude oil refinery which wanted standalone systems for thermocouple measurement in a number of their observation wells. Management stressed that alarming features were important--sudden temperature spikes during crude
  • High Flow Groundwater Treatment of Crude Oil (.pdf)
    In April of 2003, an engineering consulting company called Clear Creek Systems, Inc. with an urgent 5,000 gallon per minute problem. A California city was installing a stormdrain in an area of very shallow groundwater. Sections of the new pipeline ran adjacent to crude oil pipelines installed over
  • North American Crude Oil System Map Shows Growing Oil Production Industry
    Recently, the world renowned energy publisher, Platts, unveiled its first North American Crude Oil System Map. The wall-sized map is perfect for boardrooms and displays all prudent information related to oil production activity in the United States and Canada.
  • Case Study 6.1: Crude oil transfer metering skid, remove grease, grime, paint and corrosion from control equipment
    Coating/Contaminant: Crude oil transfer metering skid, remove grease, grime, paint and corrosion from control equipment; Substrate: Stainless steel, iron pipe, I beams, brass, galvanize

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