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  • Introduction to the Two-Wire Transmitter and the 4-20mA Current Loop
    zero" and an alarm condition. Some installations still use pneumatic control today. Modern I/P converters (current-to-pressure transducers) are available to convert the 4-20mA control loops to common pneumatic ranges, such as 3-15psi, 1-18psi, 3-27psi, and 6-30psi.
  • Medical Device Link .
    A component enables contact-free transmission of analogue signals from a rotating or moving module to one that is stationary. The Inpud-A module comprises a 24-V-dc transmitter with a maximum of four interfaces.These can be operated as voltage outputs or, for long transmission distances
  • LTE Power Amplifier Module Design: Challenges and Trends
    Long Term Evolution (LTE) provides a high data rate,. high quality and low cost solution for the cellular industry. facing an overwhelming increase in mobile data traffic. Beginning with an overview of LTE UE transmitter. requirements, we examine the key challenges for the. power amplifier module
  • Remote Power Supply Monitoring with iLog
    problems to the batteries. At the same time, it is also important to monitor the battery voltage and the current consumed by the station, for the A/C system and the GSM transmitter, as well as the photovoltaic, windmill, or diesel generated current(s). It is also useful to monitor the diesel-oil level
  • Design and Development of Medical Electronic Instrumentation
    stabilization. network, electrostatic discharge simulators, conducted-disturbance generator,. magnetic field generator, and wideband transmitter for susceptibility testing. In Chapter 5 we present the new breed of "smart " sensors that can be used to detect. physiological signals with minimal design
  • Optical Bit Error Rate - Preface
    to 40 GHz, and, thus, the potential. aggregate bandwidth in a single strand of fiber is currently in excess of peta-bits. per second* (1 Pbit/s = 1,000,000,000,000,000 bits) and at distances over hundreds. of kilometers. As such, the sophistication of the data path as well as of the receiving. end
  • Looking Back 05/07/09
    eraser have been developed by 's Diamond Ordnance Fuze Laboratories, Washington. The lamp, top, measures 0.03 x 0.1 in. and uses 40-mA current at 1.5 V. It can be used as a probe-tip light, controlpanel dial light, or anywhere a near-point source of light is needed. The transmitter, bottom, is primarily
  • Conductivity Measurement: Critical for Clean-In-Place Systems
    and are often called toroidal because they use toroidal transformers isolated from the process. One toroid acts as a transmitter and the other as a receiver. The transmitter toroid produces an electric current in the process solution that induces a voltage in the receiver toroid. The strength

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