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    … 2,0). s(102480075,1,'blind_corner',n,1,0). s(102480195,1,'blind_ curve ',n,1 … … 1,0). s(103092625,3,'promenade_deck',n,1,0). s(103092625,4,' awning _deck',n,1 … … 1,17). s(103440175,2,'handgun',n,1,0). s(103440175,3,' side _arm',n,1 … … 1,0). s(103543334,1,'recreational_vehicle',n,1,0). s(103543334,2,' RV ',n,1 …
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    … 00::'). sk(102851675,1,'blind_corner%1:06:00::'). sk(102851795,1,'blind_ curve %1:06:00 … … 00::'). sk(103549732,3,'promenade_deck%1:06:00::'). sk(103549732,4,' awning _deck%1:06:00 … … 00::'). sk(103948459,2,'handgun%1:06:00::'). sk(103948459,3,' side _arm%1:06:00 … … 00::'). sk(104065272,1,'recreational_vehicle%1:06:00::'). sk(104065272,2,' rv %1:06:00 …
  • Dubbel
    U=RV This arrangement has a wrapping surface against its environment as demarcation on the basis of certain targets. … shows a transition function that has a turning point and therefore a bilaterally curved process in contrast … Flat movement of tarpaulin of motion of plane bottoms Flat end forms of organization Effective to closures plane frameworks tarpaulin frames plane surfaces tarpaulin surfaces plane force group of system of coplanar forces Flat voltage state tarpaulin of stress Effective type of …
  • Construction and Urban Planning
    … and strong solar radiation areas, it is suitable for ventiduct subgrade, rubble air-cooled roadbed and awning . Midspan load-displacement curve was used to analyze the results. (b) Side view (b)Side view The rotational viscometer ( RV ) test was used to evaluate the difference in viscous behavior between the control …
  • Textbook of the building physics
    Bright awnings (p ≈ 0,6), window shading quite … point EP and the simultaneous illumination by completely covered sky on unverbauter horizontal surface in the Free … curved component-longitudinal axis to measure. Rv (g) D g= .
  • Mechanical engineering
    In it, PL for tarpaulin , a plane, and CY represents a cylinder. The so-called three arcs same dick outlined it how in the side view (b right) is … After the violation of the load, the workpiece maintains through plastically deformed edge regions its curved form. ∑ v=1 rv .
  • Textbook of the building physics
    Canopies awnings generally, free standing Lamellenf … at South orientation the covering angle ȕ • 50 °; - by East and West orientation the covering angle ȕ • 85 °, Ȗ • is 115 ° is The FC value may be attached also for shadowed partial surfaces of the window. … concentration Q under regard of the gas constant of the water vapor of RV = 461,5 J … The sorption isotherms of feinporiger mineral building materials show an s-förmig curved process bottom part of …
  • Sustainable Development of Natural Resources
    Figure 8 Changsha South Station Awning Platform … peak values of heat flux density are most easily produce in angular points of particles windward side . Fig.6 Curves of volume fraction of particles and v′ ( t ) = rv 1 − K  , t ≠ nτ .
  • Vibration, Structural Engineering and Measurement II
    … different bungalows, such as bungalows, squat silos, oil tank and railway awning, machinery awning , and other auxiliaries … … different time on the basis of measuring points’ pore water pressure-time change curve , then calculate the … … of symmetry of the preloading ground and at different distances of the site side line, while deep … U AB = 2 RV (r ) B .
  • Advanced Building Materials and Sustainable Architecture
    Various style of out-hanging vacuum-cleaner, anti-stealing window, and awning are disorderly replaced outside nearly every building along the streets, besides, there are shops that open their doors toward the street side for competition and business purposes, and all such … Concrete structure performance degradation curve as shown in Fig.1 , β for the safety performance or the … Rv T .